The world’s first ergonomic tablet stand & briefcase in one.

A slim briefcase to carry your tablet and accessories that transforms into a complete mobile workspace - with a surface for typing anywhere and an elevated stand that holds your tablet at a comfortable viewing height.

For Microsoft Surface Pro, Apple iPad Pro, Google Pixel Slate & More...

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A briefcase for your Tablet

When you aren't using it, the Silesian Case looks like a simple briefcase or document folder. Its fully enclosed and made from a shock absorbent composite material that protects your device from impacts and damage during daily transit. Not much bigger than a normal laptop - you can barely tell that inside is a complete ergonomic mobile workstation.

A stylish briefcase that carries and protects your tablet & accessories.

Becomes An Ergonomic Desk for Your Lap

Lapability is the ability to use a device on your lap, and unfortunately it's an aspect where tablets fail miserably. The Silesian Case is not only an ergonomic stand & case - its also firmly attached to a stable base to provide a platform for you to use your tablet PC on your lap, without fear of it dropping on the floor.

You can use your tablet on your lap, anywhere.

Elevates Your Screen & Improves Posture

The ergonomic stand holds your tablet screen up so you can see clearly without leaning forward, and allows you to make full use of the high resolution display. By doing this you can sit up straight while still seeing what appears (by perspective) as a full sized laptop screen.

An elevated screen lets you sit up straight - relieving tension on your spine.

Perfect for Typing

Every aspect of the design has been considered for the human form, including a firm but spongy base for you to rest your wrists on while typing, putting the keyboard to be in a sunken position relative to the hands allowing a more neutrtal wrist position while typing or using a touchpad.

The base doubles as a wrist pad to keep your hands in a neutral position.

protection for your tablet

Keyboard covers protect the screen, but not the body or components of your tablet from impact, dropping or being knocked around by hard objects inside your bag. The Silesian fully encloses your tablet on all sides, protecting it from droppages and ensuring your device stays in pristine condition.

The composite case protects your device from being dropped, especially at the corners.

Enough room for everything you need

When you are headed to class or a meeting with your tablet there is always the nagging question : do I have enough battery? You never really know, and there's nothing worse than having to carry around a useless, dead device. No need to worry, because the Silesian Case actually has room for all your accessories.

+ Full sized Tablet PC
+ AC Adapter & Charger
+ Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse
+ Mobile Phone
+ USB Battery Pack
+ Wallet & Passport
+ USB Accessories

With enough room to carry all your gear, you never have to worry about forgetting anything.

Now Available in Australia!

Best Bluetooth Mouse : Microsoft Arc Touch

You dont fully appreciate the level of consideration the designers put into this mouse until you start using it regularly.

Firstly -you can make it completely flat with a very satisfying 'snap' when you arent using it. That allows you to slide it into your bag taking hardly any space, and it also switches the mouse off. This means that even though it's not rechargeable, you hardly ever have to change batteries because the design makes it near impossible to accidentally leave it on when you put it away.

The second subtle genius aspect of this design is that it only has two points of contact with the surface - its kind of like a 4WD car with very clearance from the wheels. The sensor (at the front) cant still touch the surface you are using even if its not completely flat - so you can use it on soft and uneven surfaces like your couch or bed.

Its expensive but absolutely worth investing in one of these amazing devices.

Best Bluetooth Keyboard : Logitech K810

Like the Microsoft Arc Mouse - the K810 keyboard from Logitech can be easily understimated, because it looks like a regular, unassuming keyboard. It's the features that aren't immediately apparent that makes this our top pick (and we have tried a lot of keyboards).

For real mobility you need an illuminated keyboard - its an absolute must when you are trying to work in low light. But not all keyboard are equal in this respect. Many cheaper keyboards are using backlit keys, if you aren't looking directly down on them the light helps you see the outline of the key, but not the letter itself. They also have very simple on / off states, so although you can adjust the brightness to make the battery last longer - its not practical to do this inbetween every use.

The K810 has (by some kind of magic) the ability to detect when your hand is lightly touching the keys - and in an instant the letters are illuminated with perfect clarity. You can still switch the keyboard on and off to save battery and prevent accidental typing in transit - but if you forget its no big deal. With the backlight only active while you need it - the battery lasts for an amazingly long time.

Overall - by the build quality, key spacing and travel and general feel of the keyboard is self evident that this is device is approaching perfection.

The K810 key illumination, battery life and general build quality is second to none.

Dimensions & Specifications

You can check using the measurements below whether your tablet will fit inside the Silesian Case. Dont worry if your tablet is much smaller, the case has a special foam lining strip to make sure smaller devices dont get bumped around inside.

Check if your device will fit inside the case.

How does it work?

The Silesian case effortessly transforms from a protective carrying case into an ergonomic workstand. Just put it down, open and clip - then place your tablet's kickstand into the slot. If your tablet doesn't have a kickstand no problem, we provide an additional accessory for normal tablets to use with the stand.

You can turn the case into a stand in a matter of seconds.

1. Lay down the case.

1. Lay down the case.

2. Unclip and open.

2. Unclip and open.

3. Lift & clip the stand.

3. Lift & clip the stand.

4. Take out your tablet.

4. Take out your tablet.

5. Place your tablet in the holder.

5. Place your tablet in the holder.

6. Finished!

6. Finished!

Hand Made in Europe

To get a great quality product we decided to go to the continent famed for fine leather craftsmanship - Europe. Our manufacturing partners are a family operated business established for over 15 years, who make an impressive range of bags, tablet & smartphone cases.

Our manufacturer is the best in Europe.

Eco-Leather - Durable & Vegan Friendly

The case consists of a composite sandwich - reinforced with metal and plastic plates, softened with foam in the required places - sheathed in a molding fabric, and an eco-leather with a high coefficient of wear resistance. The materials we use are of the highest quality.

Eco Leather is vegan friendly, durable and waterproof.

Who needs a Silesian Case?

Tall People.

Most products are made for the 'average' person, which means taller people are left to stoop, slouch and suffer through life. Mike (the inventor) knows this well at 6'4" he has been a victim of 'tallism' himself.

Short Sighted People

The problem is already bad enough with people who can see the screen at a regular distance - imagine if your poor eyes needed to be even closer to the screen. You would end up hunching so far over your neck would be aching within minutes.

Professionals & Freelancers

You’re about to skype into a meeting with your new client - and your tablet’s camera is pointing right up your nose, and making you look like some kind of giant head.  Something you can avoid with an elevated stand!

Remote Workers

When work sends you on the road, your office might be a hotel, airport or coffee shop - but that shouldn't mean occupational health standards no longer apply!

Digital Nomads

Being a nomad means you have to take your whole office with you everywhere - so why not make sure you are comfortable wherever you setup your office regardless of your location.

Students & Teachers

Students have to pack up and move multiple times a day, and our youngest generations are in the highest risk factor as the first to grow up entirely in the digital age.

Movie Lovers

If you want to watch a movie on the couch without bothering anyone a tablet is a great option - use the stand to hold it at a comfortable angle.

Now Available in Australia!