Meet the Team

Mike Marzano

Inventor / General Manager

Formerly the IT Manager of a prominent Interior Architecture firm - Mike has been working as a part time inventor and full time web developer for the last three years. His passions are travel, technology and design. You can read more about the genesis of the Silesian range of products below.

Ania Siek

Client Support

Ania is our client satisfaction specialist. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Law and over a decade of experience in Business Administration, as well as speaking three languages.

Mike's Story : A Tragic Tale Of Technology.

I loved technology, but it didn't love me.

I grew up loving computers - from taking them apart to playing games to learning how to design things with them. Anything that involved computers I was into. So naturally I ended up in a career as an IT specialist. But in this career choice theres something I failed to predict ... while cloud and mobile computing gave everyone else the freedom to work from home, the beach or a hotel - I ended up stuck in the office.

It was devastating to think that after all my years of loving technology, it was going to let everyone except me be free to travel. I decided to make a drastic career move - and spent the next few years desperately learning how to build websites. After a few years of extremely hard work - everything fell into place. I had set myself up to finally quit my job and become self employed.

It was a dream come true ... I could travel as long as I wanted and work at the same time.

I spent the summer in Australia and as soon as it started to get cold, I packed my bags and went to Europe. After backpacking for a few months I got a short stay apartment in Berlin and began my new career working from the nearest cafe.

But here I found another thing I had failed to predict...the years of heavy computer use had already taken their toll. When i was growing up, there was no such thing as workplace ergonomics - we were happy just to have a computer and LCD screens were still many years from being affordable. I sat for years in chairs too small, at desks too low - looking at low resolution CRT screens.

For a few years, I had been getting aches in my right shoulder arm while working - but my most recent job had been as the IT manager for a leading Workspace Design company - and I was using the best office furniture money could buy. Now I was working from a coffee shop in Berlin - back to the too small desk and a small screen - and it was pure agony. I couldn't really get much more than 10-15 minutes work done before I had to give up.

My life as a digital nomad was over almost as quickly as it began!

Without a comfortable workstation I wasn't productive - and without being productive I couldn't afford to be a digital nomad. As summer came to a close I had to give up and find a proper office to get some work done. But it wasn't over!

Even if my lifestyle wasn't going to be non-stop travel, I was now running my own web based business. That means being on call 24/7 so the prospect of leaving the office even for a short trip meant I needed to be able to work. I now had the means to travel, but was physically unable!

I tried exsiting tablet stands - but none were really made for mobility.

I really needed a solution. But when i checked the existing range of products - I couldn't find anything that ticked all the boxes. There were laptop stands, but then you had to carry a second keyboard... and there were tablet stands but they all seemed to be for desktop use. There was no stand for a tablet that was both raised, and portable. My next trip was fast approaching, I had to go to the USA for business and I still didn't have a solution to my problem.

So I sat down with some foamboard, a craft knife and some tape and made one ...

It was pretty ugly - but I took it with me on my trip and it worked perfectly... it protected my tablet when it was in my carry on luggage, and when I was working in the hotel or office it held my screen high enough to let me stay productive as long as i wanted. Over the next few months, I made hundreds more sketches, drawings and models of potential solutions - but in the end it was the very first prototype that became the basis for the final design. I thought about how long I'd hoped someone else would bring a product like this onto the market ... and how much better it was for me to use it - and decided I should do something to bring this idea to the world.

Next step : making the idea into a product!

Of course the first step was to file a patent - then start looking for someone who can make this mess into a polished product. I started looking all over Europe for a factory that had all the right gear, and was interested in developing new products. Eventually I found a family owned company in Kiev who already had a major operation making phone and tablet cases. I jumped on the next available flight - and the rest is yet to be told!

Our Manufacturer

We make our products in Kiev, using a well established manufacturer with a massive range of exsiting products - bags, backpacks, smartphone, tablet and laptop cases.

We would endorse them to any other company interested in developing or selling high quality leather and leather goods. If you would like to get in touch with them feel free to send an email.

[email protected]