3 things digital nomads struggle with when travelling

The digital nomad lifestyle seems very attractive from the outside, and it is! You get to travel around the world, visit beautiful places, stay in exotic locations, all whilst taking your work with you. You’re free to explore and experience the world without having to sacrifice your income. You’re basically on paid vacation all the time.

That said, it’s not all that easy. You may be able to work from anywhere but that doesn’t mean that it will be easy to do so.  In this article, we’ll be talking some challenges that digital nomads encounter when traveling.

Getting a reliable internet connection

When you’re out traveling and working, the most critical thing to have is a reliable internet connection. This isn’t always the case and as you travel you’ll encounter a variety of internet connections; from good to bad to really great.

The really great wifi connection will be great to use, but the bad ones will really test your patience. It can be frustrating to have to do anything online when it takes 2 minutes for a webpage to load, I mean what year is it, 2002? Just keep your surface pro out of reach in case you have a moment of rage.

If you cannot find decent wifi, you’ll most likely be stuck with whatever data you can get on your phone. Whilst a ton of countries already have 4G and fairly good data plans, it’s likely that you’ll at some point end up in one that doesn’t. Then you’ll be stuck between a rock and a hard place – really bad wifi or really bad/expensive mobile data.

It is easy to work around this if you plan ahead and not have to be online when your internet connection is poor. It is frustrating but is part of the ups and downs of traveling.

Finding a decent workspace

You may be able to work anywhere in the world, but it sometimes won’t be comfortable … ok most of the time if we’re being honest.

As you move from place to place, you’ll encounter a variety of workplace locations. Some places have great coffee shops with comfortable chairs and tables of appropriate heights. Whilst others will have tables so low that you’ll have a sore neck in minutes from craning to see your ipad pro.

This variety in the workspace can be stressful for some and even cause long-term body trauma. A lot of people will have bad posture, weak backs and sore muscles for years because of this.

To combat this, we personally use the Silesian ergonomic tablet case. This case is super handy and allows for comfort when you’re traveling. It is basically an ergonomic desk you can take anywhere. Found the perfect chair but it doesn't have a desk? Or is that table at your local coffee shop too low? The Silesian case is a solution for problems of that kind.


I’m sure that we can all agree that there is nothing better than a familiar and comfortable bed …

Whilst we are out traveling, we do get used to sleeping in various locations and make our best effort to be comfortable. Some of us have even become pros at sleeping on trains, airplanes, buses, benches, floors etc. And whilst we will get our 8 hours of sleep, this doesn't mean we are comfortable or well rested!

This lifestyle can take its toll and after months of being on the road, you can forget what a good nights sleep feels like.


Abuga Aroni

I am a writer from Kenya, passionate about technology, longboarding, and sports.