3 Tips to improve your focus when you are travelling and working

Whether you’re a digital nomad, an entrepreneur, an employee or a student, it might happen that you need to work while you’re travelling.

Some people can work from anywhere but the majority usually needs a nice working atmosphere in order to focus on what needs to be done.

And that’s not always easy to find when you’re not in your office.

Here are 3 tips that will help you improve your focus and will allow you to work anywhere!


1. Have the right workspace

Imagine you’re travelling on a train, on a plane or maybe you’re waiting for your connecting flight at the airport.

No big tables, no comfortable chairs, not enough room for all the stuff that you usually have on your desk.

Sometimes you’ll have the option to seat in a cozy cafè, get some free wifi and a table where you can sit and work. But you’ll have to order something even if you’re not hungry nor thirsty.

But if there’s no cafè nearby and you don’t feel like spending extra money on random food and drinks, don’t worry and be happy because I have the perfect solution for you!

What if I tell you that you can create your own working space anywhere you are?

Well, it is now possible and its name is Silesian Case!

It will allow you to work anywhere thanks to its amazing design.

Just a slim briefcase that turns into a portable office with all the accessories you might need while working “on the road”.

It also helps you keep a nice posture thanks to the ergonomic stand that holds the tablet up so you can work easily without leaning forward!



2. Find a good groove

Let me know if this sounds familiar to you.

A lot of noise, people talking and/or screaming everywhere, traffic noise, random music playing in the lounge, babies crying and even the guy sitting next to you is snoring out loud.

Well, maybe not all of these sounds together but this is usually what you find when you’re travelling right?

How can we blame you, if you can’t find the right focus to work with all this din!

Here is the second tip: find the right music!

Let the rhythm inspire you and bring your mind to another world!

And if you have your tablet with you that’

Silesian has enough room for your mp3 or phone so you can carry your music with you all the time!

This will make your “Silesian working space” even cozier and it will help you increase your focus!


3. Be Carefree!

A lot of people can’t focus properly on their work while they’re travelling because their mind is constantly worried about collateral problems.

Try to think how many times you were worried about “Do I have enough power?” , “Where did I put my passport?”, “In which pocket is my phone?” , “Have I forgotten the charger at home …again?”, and I can keep going on listing dozens of worries that all of us have while travelling.

You might not notice that, but these little worries will keep weakening your focus, giving you hard times to work while travelling!

Silesian has all the room you need to store all the accessories you might need during your travels (e.g. power banks, documents, phone, mp3, headphones etc).


Luckily, with a Silesian case, you can travel and work totally carefree!

And now that you can have a cozy working space, with the right music playing for you, and you can travel without a care in the world, you’ll be able to work even while travelling!


Giorgia Doglioni

I’m a 100% made in Italy vegetarian ginger, but I consider myself as a citizen of the world. I’ve been traveling in 23 countries and I can speak 5 languages. I love photography and In my free time, I love scuba diving (I’m a Dive Master), free diving, horse riding, practicing yoga, cooking, and baking. I love animals and respect nature. I’m a Sea Shepherd volunteer and whenever I can I try to make the world a better place where to live.