4 Essential Tips To Work While Travelling

As a student who always loved traveling and now as a freelance writer keeping on the road, I’ve worked during my trips countless times. Even if it’s not always easy to keep working when you’re visiting a different city or country, it is not necessarily a bad thing. Working in new places might even be beneficial and improve your creativity. With digital nomadism becoming more popular and flights getting cheaper and more accessible, I believe this is a relevant issue nowadays. From my own experiences, I picked up a couple of tips that will hopefully help any travel affectionate to work on the road.

1. Set up a time to be a tourist and a time to work

Keeping up with your work and traveling requires dedication and some planning. If you have a deadline to meet, think how long you’ll take to accomplish your task, and give yourself some extra time to avoid last minute stress. This way, you won’t need to worry when it’s time to be a tourist and explore a new city. Setting up a working schedule is a good idea if you find it difficult to commit to your work.

2. Get comfortable and stay healthy

When you work on the road, your office might be an airport, hotel or coffee shop – but that should not mean occupational health standards no longer apply! Regardless of your location, it’s crucial that you feel comfortable while working. Make sure you can see your device screen clearly without leaning forward. Sit up straight, ensuring that there’s no tension on your spine or strain on your neck. This is particularly important for people who spend a lot of time sitting on a desk, looking at a computer. A healthy body is a healthy mind!

3. Travel light

If you have to work during your travels, it is essential that your gear is as light as possible, easy to carry and protected from impacts and damage. If you have a laptop, a backpack with a special pocket for it would be a good investment. Besides protecting the computer, it also allows you to take some more stuff and it’s easy to carry. I like to have my laptop, wallet, camera, water, and snacks all in the same place, so I can easily access them. If you prefer tablets, this 2 in 1 briefcase and stand is perfect for it. Tablets these days are able to do pretty much anything a computer does, and since they are lighter, they are a good option for travelers. The less weight to carry around, the better!

4. Be prepared to have weak or nonexistent Wi-Fi

Even if you anticipate having internet connection, I recommend to always have something downloaded for offline use. In many countries, especially outside Europe and North America, the Wi-Fi doesn’t work in perfect conditions, and you might find yourself working somewhere where it doesn’t even exist. Besides that, most times I carry a small notebook and a pen, just in case something happens to my electronics. Better be safe than sorry!  

Don’t think of working while traveling as something boring. It is the ultimate professional freedom! Enjoy the opportunity to find nice spots in a different city or to sit somewhere and watch the locals around you. You might find your work more enjoyable and freeing this way!

Ana Teresa Capucho

Biologist fresh out of university volunteering in Costa Rica for 3 months, with a passion for traveling (mostly on a budget), wildlife and thorough planning. Wholehearted Portuguese, I also lived/studied in Sweden for 2 years and started my real travels with an Interrail through Europe. After setting foot on over 35 countries, I finally decided to put my writing skills to good use and share my travel tips and adventures.