4 Reasons Why Digital Nomads Should Consider Buying A Surface Pro

Living as a digital nomad is such a kind of life to envy. Having become one myself, I find buying a Surface Pro closer to being a must now rather than just an option. In fact, I’ve come up with 4 reasons why other digital nomads should consider the same. If you’re an aspiring travel blogger or any freelance writer of some sort, then join me as I try to dive into how a Surface Pro can help ease one’s digital nomadic life.


Whether it’s the 2017 model or 2018’s Microsoft Surface Pro 6 that you’re eyeing, both have at least one thing in common: portability. Well, that’s not really anything unique only to this particular brand. But, when it comes to carrying around a Windows-based office like my own, I could see no better option than this tablet PC.

The fact is that my laptop is either just taking so much space or becoming too heavy for my luggage. I could carry other essential gadgets with me and still feel lightweight if I only have a tab instead of a laptop to go with.

surface pro, digital nomad, freelance writing, ergonomics

Reliable Computing Power

A Surface Pro can go with an 8th-gen Intel i5 or i7 processor and have 8 or 16 GB of RAM. That’s more computing power than I currently make use of in my laptop. For freelance writers, you won’t really need as much power like that to accomplish your tasks. But, for someone like me who often sidetracks on video editing, and most of the time thrives on multitasking, the Surface Pro’s power is really something I could indulge in.
surface pro, digital nomad, freelance writing, ergonomics


Tablet PCs are just being true to their name; they’re multifunctional. Apparently, the Surface Pro is a champion of versatility. I like the fact that I can always use a physical keyboard to breeze through a write-up, or just pick up the tab when I’m reviewing and doing minor editing.

Furthermore, the Surface Pro’s pen is one to envy, too, especially if you’re a digital artist. And while I love my Galaxy Note 8 as I do little scribbles here and there with it, I could use the best Windows tablet’s large screen for some serious graphics editing.

surface pro, digital nomad, freelance writing, ergonomics

Ergonomic Design

I could talk about the Surface Pro’s Type Cover keyboard or just the tab itself, but I’d like to stress out something more about this Windows tablet’s ergonomics. I just love the fact that I can position it in a way that doesn’t ruin my posture aside from how it’s originally designed for use.

What I’m meaning to say is that I could use a Silesian case with the Surface Pro, adjust the tab’s angle from the way I sit, and type for so long without hurting my arms and eyes. It’s just that the Surface Pro and this special briefcase are simply so compatible with each other that I’d really love buying the two together.

Why Don’t You Try A Surface Pro?

Well, I may just be fine with the Surface Pro alone, but the digital nomad in me says the experience couldn’t just be complete without the Silesian briefcase by my side carrying it. Perhaps, getting both would be a worthy investment.

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