4 Ways To Optimise Your Tablet For Work

It is a given that tablets are here to stay. Tablets have become a staple for almost everyone- we use them for entertainment, study and work. They have even become increasingly common among office workers, who use them mainly because of their versatility.

However, what many workers do not realise is the many ways a tablet can be optimised. Just by downloading the right app, tweaking a few settings or getting the right accessories, your tablet can perform a few digital tricks. Below I itemise a few things you can employ to optimise your tablet into a productivity-boosting device.

Connect Remotely to Your Computer.

We know that desktop computers can do almost everything as well as have very large screens. Desktops have one disadvantage though; immobility.

Take this scenario for instance: You are on the go and urgently need to access some files from your desktop at the office. What to do? Simple. With VPN or Remote Desktop Connection software (previously installed on both your tablet and work computer), you can log into both devices for instant remote access. That way you can be holding your tablet in a restaurant in the US, but the display shows your desktop screen back home, several miles away.

Download and Install Useful Apps

A lot of apps have been developed (with more on the way) and are available for download. They can either be paid for or free. There are apps available for making PC-PC calls, note taking, cloud storage and file synchronisation, and even remote GPS navigation. All that is needed is to search for the right app for your needs, download and voila! your tablet is good to go.

Improve Performance by Avoiding Lag

When a lot of apps have been installed on your tablet, it takes a toll on its speed and overall performance. Avoid lag by keeping only the apps that you absolutely CAN’T do without and discarding the rest. This will make your device run faster and get rid of unwelcome distractions that could hinder your productivity.

Get the Right Accessories

A lot of accessories like mouse, keyboard, earpieces, tablet stands and cases, are available in the marketplace for consumers to choose from. But one such tablet accessory stands out from the rest- the world’s first ergonomic tablet stand, and briefcase.

The Silesian Case.

Compatible with tablet brands such as Google Pixel Slate, Apple iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro and more, the Silesian Case, with its multipurpose features, is perfect for your everyday work demands.

The Silesian Case was designed with the ergonomics of tablet use in mind, so you needn’t worry about bad posture or neck pain while working on your tablet. It elevates the tablet screen, so you can see without having to lean forward, and its base is perfectly built for ease while typing. The stand also doubles as an elegant briefcase while protecting your tablet.

Who says your tablet can’t be just as efficient as your laptop or desktop computer are to your work?

Ummu Hurayrah

I am a freelance writer, editor and self-published author. I am a graduate of Biology and I also write fictional stories on my blog. When I am not writing, I love to read, spend time with family and try out new recipes.