5 Benefits of Blog Writing

Writing is one of the things I love doing ever since I can remember. As a young girl, I am so much into writing on my diary sharing my thoughts and experiences on that day. When I have grown into a teenager, several social media sites came out. From those platforms, I have learned to express myself in the form of writing, and eventually, signed up in a blogging platform. I have switched to different blogging sites until I finally had my domain name. Before blogging became a thing, I never knew anyone benefits from it. Little did I know that it could eventually turn into a fulltime or even just a freelance career. Throughout the years, I may not have been consistently writing, but I always find myself coming back to blogging. Here’s why:

Writing down thoughts

In my first few years of blogging, my blog has been somewhat my online diary. Writing has been an outlet for me, not only to share my insights but also to share a portion of my life. While others are very expressive talking, I find myself more expressive when writing. It gives me that sense of fulfillment sharing my outfits, the events I have attended to, my immersions in college, and even our travel adventures. Also, it can give you a lot of health benefits mentally and emotionally. The things you couldn’t seem to say you can convey in writing. It just makes you feel better once you have written the ones that have been stressing you out the most. At that time, I didn’t care if anyone would read my blog posts as long as I get to post it.

Develop good writing skills

A few years back, there were no grammar apps to help you with writing. You proofread everything manually and have to ask others to help you check if your grammar is correct. This way, it has helped me and still helps me improve my writing skills. Come on it’s not every day that you get to write an essay, so where else can you develop it?

Engage through writing

One thing I have learned in blogging is to give. When you write comments on other people’s blog posts, it makes the writer feel appreciated. By taking a little of your time showing support, encouragement, or even feedback means a lot. This way, you get to build relationships with other writers and benefit from it by receiving comments on your blog posts too. blog writing benefits Nowadays, I have been more actively engaging in my Instagram posts than on my blog posts. But when I do and like how I used to, I love to use my tablet to check out other people’s blog to leave comments about their posts. A few weeks back, I have discovered Silesian Case which serves as a briefcase and a stand for your tablet. This way, you get to elevate the screen which is good for your posture and eyesight. With the use of your keyboard, you can comfortably type by using the Silesian Case as your tablet stand. It surely makes the work a lot easier!

Freebies for writing product reviews

For the past year, several brands and companies email me to try their products for free in exchange for a blog post review or even a haul. This way, you get to receive free items, you get to write content for your blog, and promote the brand too. It benefits both the writer and the company.

Writing opportunities

Aside from receiving freebies, I also get to have more writing opportunities. I acquire paid blog posts or even article writings for companies who contact me. A blog can be a portfolio to showcase your writing skills and get hired by different companies or publishers. Start your blog now!


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