5 reasons to buy a Silesian case

Silesian case is a tablet stand and a briefcase combined in one, which was designed to make people’s life easier and more comfortable. It allows working online from everywhere and in any position without bad posture and damage to the health. Below there are five reasons why this item should be in everyone’s to-buy list.

1. Ergonomic stands make a difference

Only recently a few companies started to understand the importance of ergonomics, which aims at creating a safe workplace. People working on computers very often get injuries or chronic diseases without even realizing it. Bad posture, sore neck from looking at the low positioned screen for hours can result in serious injuries. The Silesian case-stand is a solution to all these problems. No more uncomfortable poses and pain, since the stand can be adjusted according to the needs.

2. Tablet stand and briefcase combined in one

Buying a Silesian case means getting a solution not only for a place to put an iPad but also being able to carry it everywhere without purchasing a second keyboard. It is a must-have for all digital nomads who can carry the case to all their trips and stay productive. This item within a few seconds from an ergonomic tablet stand turns into a stylish briefcase that will suit any outfit.

3. Protection and safety

Every freelance writer or a digital nomad treats their laptop or a tablet as a treasure, therefore, a good protection is necessary. Silesian took care of it and designed the case that protects not only the main device but also the charger and other accessories. The case is made from special quality materials, which will protect your gadgets from a bad weather as well as from an accidental drop or squish.

4. Use it with a Bluetooth keyboard

Fast and easy. The wireless keyboard can be fit together with the tablet in the Silesian case. Simply connect the Bluetooth with the tablet and work from any part of the world. The whole office of a freelance writer can fit in one hand without unnecessary items. Simplicity at its best.

5. Big enough to fit everything you need

With a digital lifestyle, you never know where adventures can take you and have a charger for the tablet is essential. If you can’t live without music, you might need your earphones all the time. Probably, you don’t like carrying a separate bag for your mobile phone and wallet? Silesian thought of everything. Their case is big enough to put everything you need on for your small business trip or a meeting in order to run your laptop smoothly. It can fit a full sized laptop/tablet, a charger, Bluetooth keyboard, accessories, wallet, and a phone.

In other words, this world's first ergonomic stand and case (two in one) is one solution for multiple problems of a freelancer. The case works with most of the models, the full list of which can be found on the official site of Silesian.


Lusine Mirzoyan

I am Lusine, born in Armenia, currently living in Cyprus. Still believe in Humanity, considering life the greatest teacher, love meeting interesting people, explore and learn new things.