5 tips for ergonomic comfort when working while travelling

The business world has evolved into one in which we can take our mobile work anywhere – whether we’re in an airport terminal waiting for a flight to our next meeting or with our feet in the sand enjoying our digital nomad life.

We are no longer obliged to walk into an office between 4 walls to work, we simply open up our laptops and our work and tools we need are right there at hand.

This freedom however sometimes makes us forget the importance of our own health while working on the go.  In the office, we sat in orthopedic office chairs at ergonomic desks.

Here are 7 tips on how to stay healthy when spending hours at your mobile device when working while traveling:

1. Posture

Sit properly.  It might seem convenient to sit down anywhere and open your laptop, literally, in your lap.  It is a “lap”-top, after all, you must think.  Within the hour, however, you might feel like you need to roll your neck.  Your body is asking for help.  Take that extra minute before you sit down and look around for a table.  Pay for a coffee if need be, but sit down at a table, back straight and eyes looking directly at the screen.

2. Daily Transit

Being out of the office for hours on end also means that we are carrying our mobile computers with us for most of our working day.  This is why it is increasingly important to pick our device and its carrier wisely.

3. Device Weight & Screen Size

Look for a device that gives you the right balance between the device weight to make it easy for carrying but also that gives you an optimal screen size to be able to work comfortably and also show products on your screen to potential or existing clients.

Microsoft’s hybrid Surface Pro is one of the favorites for this feature, with a significantly efficient balance 770g for a 12.3″ screen.

4. Ergonomic Working Station

Various gadgets have made our life easier turning our office spaces more ergonomic in the years.  How do we adapt these features into our daily life now that we’re out into the world? How can we have an ergonomic workspace without having to carry too many things around?

5. Carrier Bag

What if you could carry your tablet and its accessories in one slim briefcase that turns into a complete ergonomic workspace wherever we go? It already exists – The Silesian Case.  It looks like a stylish document folder on the outside, protecting your mobile devices from daily transit damage with its shock absorbent composite material.  Moreover, its lapability gives you the opportunity to have a stable base even when you use the device in your lap.  Not only that, its ergonomic stand elevates your screen to a comfortable viewing height while typing through our work from everywhere and anywhere, removing unnecessary tension from your spine.

The Silesian Case’s design assists your posture while sitting down working but it also makes your travelling easier.  There’s enough room for your full-sized Tablet PC, AC adapter & charger, Bluetooth keyboard & mouse, mobile phone, USB battery pack, wallet & passport and any USB accessories you might need.

Works with: Microsoft Surface Pro, Asus Transformer Pro, Lenovo Miix, Apple iPad Pro, Google Pixel Slate, Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Denise Cassar

Born bang in the centre of the Mediterranean, on a little island called Malta, then grown into an insatiable wanderer of the world.