7 best gift ideas for travelers

The Christmas season is starting and you are probably looking for some great gift ideas.

In my case, I am passionate about travels, and obviously, I have a lot of friends who have a similar mindset. As a matter of fact, I have met some of my best friends while traveling!

So if like me you are looking for nice presents for your family or friends who enjoy traveling, I am giving you a list of 7 best gifts for your loved ones!


Gift idea 1: Sleeping Mask

  This is a must when you are taking a long haul flight.
Travelers can have very different behaviors when flying to a long haul destination. Some people watch movies, some listen to music and relax, some like to play games. So it is fundamental to have a sleeping eye mask to be able to disconnect from the outside world and take a nap whenever you want.


Gift idea 2: Earplugs for Noise reduction

  Same as above, there may be a lot of noise on the airplane. A kid crying or people chatting while all you want is to relax or sleep. That will definitely make the trick!


Gift idea 3: Travel Pillow

  Some airplanes have systems to prevent your head from falling while sleeping, but it does not replace a great travel pillow.
In my case, I have 2: one for the plane and one for the hotel. The one for the plane can be inflated and put around the neck to avoid movements, and the one for the hotel is ergonomic and half the size of a normal pillow. Moreover, it can be rolled and makes it easy to carry.




Gift idea 4: Collapsible water bottle

  I actually use one every single day, even when staying at home. It is so vital to stay hydrated when traveling, especially on a plane!
Most airplanes offer water on board but it’s much handier to have it in a bottle in case of turbulence. It will also reduce your use of plastic glasses, knowing how bad plastic is for our planet!


Gift idea 5: A travel guidebook

  It’s probably old school with the Internet available almost anywhere but a good old guide is coming quite handy when you want to read and you are not allowed to use the internet (i.e. on a plane), or when you don’t have access to the Internet because you are going to a wild region of the world.

It’s also great to take notes, and it does not require batteries to function!


Gift idea 6: Camera

  If you are on a higher budget, you can also look at cameras. Travelers usually love sharing their trips with friends and family by taking pictures of their destination.
The type of camera will depend on the type of traveler.
Someone who loves traveling to see the wildlife would appreciate a camera with a good zoom. While someone who likes to photograph the nightlife would probably be more inclined to a camera that has great flash capabilities or that is able to take great photos in dark scenes. A traveler who goes diving may be interested in a camera that goes under water.



Gift idea 7: Silesian case to carry a tablet

  If you know travelers who love blogging or stay connected, their neck and back would probably be grateful if you buy them a Silesian case for their tablet!
It works perfectly with tablets like Microsoft Surface Pro, Lenovo Miix, Apple IPad pro, or Samsung Galaxy Tab. If you need a keyboard, the K819 keyboard from Logitech is doing a great job for travelers.

Traveling can be very tiring for your back and neck. Ergonomics is key!

The Silesian case will help travelers keep a good posture while using their tablet and avoid any back or neck pain.



Those are just a few gift ideas which I am sure would be very appreciated by travelers!

Ella Travels

I am consultant in travel and hospitality for the last decade. I am also passionate about travels and I have visited many countries in around the globe. I am now starting a new project about responsible and accessible travel as I want to inspire people to live their dreams, despite their limitations. I also want to help travelers find the best places that respect the environment and the health of our planet. Places that are flexible for travelers with special requirements, whether that be in terms of food, comfort or budget. I want to create a community of like-minded travel business owners and travelers who believe that the health of the planet impact our own health and therefore do their best to protect it. If you want to know more about my project or want to help me reach that goal, do not hesitate to get in touch via my blog!