A Handy Tablet Stand for Freelance Writers

As a freelance writer, I am at my computer for most of the day. My day consists of writing articles, proofreading and researching from dawn till dusk. This means that I have to have the most comfortable work space possible to keep up with my workload. With the Silesian Case, I have been able to work from anywhere without back pain and I also have had the piece of mind of knowing that all my essentials are neatly backed into one handy carrying back for whenever I want to move around.

Comfort for long working hours

No matter what your profession, you might be spending a lot of time looking at a computer screen or sitting at a desk. The Silesian Case can make work environments more comfortable for freelancers and professionals alike. Whether you are working in an office from 9-5, or organizing your own time as a freelancer, working from a computer for hours every day can be exhausting and terrible for your posture. For me, the amount of money I make depends on how much time I dedicate to my freelancing business. This means spending a lot of time researching and writing articles as well as designing and updating my own website. In this profession, I need to know that I can get my tablet out in any location and get on with my work. The Silesian Case allows me to do just that by providing an easy to set up work space. I can now use my tablet on public transport, at my office or at home and, with the design of the stand, I am able to work for long hours without the regular back pain I used to get from being hunched over my laptop all day.

Practical design for transporting all your essentials

The design of the case makes it easy for me to carry everything I need to start working on my articles wherever I go. I spend less time worrying about where my things are as the case functions as a carrying bag which can hold all my notes, charges and USB sticks, as well as my phone and wallet. Everything is neatly packed inside exactly where I need it to be. What’s more, I know that my equipment is safe and protected because of the shock absorbent design of the case. The stand is quick and easy to set up, whether you are working at a desk or merely resting it on your lap. It couldn’t make transporting my work essentials simpler.

Stylish and professional

As well as all the practical benefits of the case, the stylish Eco-leather looks professional and attractive. I really like how the case can combine efficiency with a fresh new look that suits my career. When meeting clients, I can appear well organized and professional by quickly setting up power points to show my ideas and having all my notes and essentials to hand. In addition, the case looks just like another suitcase so I feel like my material is inconspicuous and protected when I am transporting it from place to place.

Tesni Patching

I am a passionate travel writer and photographer and have been writing on my own blog for 2 years whilst traveling. Currently, I teach English, write and travel in my spare time. I moved to Mexico several months ago and am exploring South and Central America. This year, I graduated from King’s College London with a 2:1 in Comparative Literature which allowed me to study different cultures and analyse language and cultural identity in countries like Mexico and China. I also write for a number of online magazines, proofread and translate articles as part of my freelancing career.