A mobile, ergonomic workspace for a freelance tutor

The Silesian case has enhanced my freelance tutoring business by upgrading my mobile workspace to the next level. It also allows me to practice what I preach: good posture and a healthy lifestyle.

Teaching tools

Integral to my freelance tutoring style is my Lenovo Miix tablet. I use it for every lesson. My lessons are far more interesting and interactive with access to online tools. These include videos, quizzes, images, definitions, interviews and sample exams or essay questions. It’s also extremely useful for monitoring my students’ progress.

Protecting postures

This means my students and I spend a large portion of our time together interacting with the screen. To avoid neck aches and back pain, I need to make sure my mobile workspace is ergonomic. I can’t focus or get the job done if I don’t take care of my posture and avoid painful seating positions.

Not just my posture – also my students’

Moreover, I take a holistic approach to my work. Not only do I aim to help my students with their direct goals, but also with broadening their minds and developing healthy life practices. This includes talking about and instituting methods of back care and posture alignment. For my younger students, I even include a few little exercises. Loosening up the neck, rolling back their shoulders and lengthening the spine before we begin really helps bring home the message.

Using the right tools

Silesian tablet cases ensure tablets are at the correct height to protect learners’ and tutors’ postures.

From my experience, it’s important to establish both awareness and good habits in children, who spend a huge portion of their day looking at screens. Essential to achieving these learning goals is having the right equipment. Enter the Silesian case. My Lenovo Miix is safe and stable in its case, as well as accessible and at just the right height to ensure our correct posture. It’s also super quick and easy to set up. I don’t waste any time getting our workspace ready.

Protecting my teaching tools

Tablets are protected on-the-go by the Silesian tablet case.

Also equally important is protecting my tablet. As a freelance tutor, I spend my days running all over the city from apartments to coffee shops to offices. I need to travel light and travel smart as I commute, battling rush hour crowds and endless flights of stairs. Without my Lenovo Miix in functioning order, I cannot access half my teaching materials or lesson plans. It would be disastrous to turn up to a lesson and be unable to use my tablet. A cracked screen, damaged motherboard or non-functioning USB ports or charging point would put me in a very difficult situation. I would struggle to deliver my services as promised, which may compromise my livelihood. I feel confident in my tablet’s safety with the protective design of the Silesian case.

My holistic approach is my competitive advantage

Silesian tablet cases provide a sleek, professional mobile workspace for freelance tutors.

I love the sleek, professional look. When I set up my mobile workspace, my students know I am serious and ready to give them the best service I possibly can. In fact, I believe my use of technology and my insistence on using it the correct way sets me apart from other tutors. In short, it’s my competitive advantage. The Silesian case is the innovation in tablet cases that I’ve been waiting for. It’s exactly the right tool for me to make sure both my back and my Lenovo Miix are protected as well as to educate my students on the importance of correct posture on a daily basis. I love it!

Jamie Bennett

Globetrotter and unusual destination seeker. Jamie has been around the world twice and back. She revels in unusual, off-the-beaten-track experiences and specialises in solo-travel. She is also a freelance English tutor who is passionate about language and engaging students of all levels and ages.