A Mobile Tablet Stand and Case for Busy College Students

In today’s world, we are becoming more and more connected and need to use technology for almost every aspect of our lives.  Computers are becoming smaller and smaller, and tablets and tablet PC’s are becoming more of the norm for many people.  For college students in particular, it’s more convenient to have smaller devices which are a little easier to carry around and access on the go.  Whether it be for taking notes in class or carrying around campus, it’s much easier to use a tablet device.

Sleek Briefcase Design is Easy to Carry Wherever you go

The Silesian case provides the first all-in-one ergonomic tablet stand and briefcase.  With it’s sleek design, it’s easy to carry from place to place without hassle.  For college students, it is especially important to be able to easily access devices on the go. Whether it be going from class to class or simply around the campus, this fully enclosed case ensures that your tablet or tablet PC will be protected from any damage during all your transit.  It also has plenty of room to fit all of your accessories as well as other devices – including your smartphone, chargers, battery pack, keyboard, and mouse.  It also easily fits almost any tablet – including the Microsoft Surface Pro, iPad Pro, and Google Pixel Slate!

Mobile Office For Students on the Go!

In addition to it being a protective enclosed case, the Silesian case also transforms into a complete mobile workstation wherever you go.  It provides a readily accessible typing surface with an elevated stand.  For college students in particular, we know how important it is to have mobility with these types of devices.  Whether you are in bed, at a friend’s dorm, at the library, or in class, the Silesian case makes it easy to use your tablet anywhere.  It also is easy to use on your lap wherever you are – something that normal tablets generally fail at.

Convenience of a Tablet, Set up of a PC

With the Silesian case, students still have the convenience of using a smaller tablet device, but can also easily use it as they would a PC.  The case provides a perfect typing base – firm yet spongy, allowing you to easily rest your hands in between typing.   The keyboard’s sunken position allows some relief for your hands as they can stay in a neutral position while typing.  Additionally, the elevated screen helps users maintain strong posture and decrease spinal tension.  As we all know, with the use of tablets and smartphones it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain good posture, especially for students and those who are on the go.

Overall, the Silesian case makes it much easier for college students to easily access their tablets and tablet PC’s wherever they go.  It also allows them to use their tablet in many different locations – and also stay more focused as they are able to create a mobile desk no matter where they may be.  The all-inclusive convenience, protection, and comfort provided by the Silesian case is that unlike any other!

Lauren Himes

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