A Must-Have Portable Office for Freelancers, Teachers & Students

Whether you commute to an office building, work in a café, or study wherever you can have better focus, you’d most likely want to carry less. With the bulk that you regularly carry in your tech bag, though, you’d think that’s quite impossible. Well, true; but what if I told you there’s a briefcase with excellent ergonomics and design that you could carry around an entirely portable office or library with?

Well, if you’re a teacher, student, businessman, writer, graphic artist, or any digital nomad who needs to carry a computing machine everywhere, you need to get yourself a Silesian case.

What Is A Silesian Case?

A Silesian case is a briefcase that easily doubles as a tablet stand. It’s perfectly designed for power tablets such as the Microsoft Surface Pro, Google Pixel Slate, iPad Pro, Asus Transformer Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Lenovo Miix. If your tablet isn’t on this list, but diagonally, it measures 14.7 inches or less, it should fit well, too!

portable office with Silesian case: briefcase and tablet stand with excellent ergonomics

Carry your entire desk around with an ergonomic briefcase and tablet stand in one.

A Case That Saves Your Occupational Health

The innovative Silesian case does not only keep your tablet PC safe but also saves you from getting a sore neck and bad posture. It also holds your other tech gadgets and essential documents in place, making it a literally portable desk you can easily carry around.

Makes Work Easier and Leisure Healthier

If you find yourself immersed in social media or just watching videos during your breaks, the Silesian case can also be adjusted for a perfect viewing angle. It’s definitely an eye and back saver for both work and leisure. Plus, if you’re an environmentalist, you’d be glad to know that the case is made of eco-leather and is vegan-friendly, too!

a case that looks into work & leisure ergonomics

Save your posture and protect your eyes with a better viewing angle when using the Silesian case.

But Isn’t A Laptop Better Than A Tablet?

For a portable office? Well, not necessarily. Tablets are generally lighter and smaller than laptops; although they’re mostly less powerful, too. Now, why even bother settling for a tab for that matter? Well, for portability’s sake, again, tablet PCs are way better.

If you do need something of better computing power, I’ve already mentioned the few models which can be on par with laptops. With fast, multi-core processing speeds and generous RAM, they can even perform better than budget laptops.

surface pro for a more portable office

A Surface Pro, a Google Slate or an iPad Pro; a budget laptop or these? It’s all up to you.

Which Tablet Is Best for A Portable Office?

For Windows users, you can get the Surface Pro, Transformer Pro, or the Miix. If you’re into freelance writing and all your work is contained in your Google Drive, you’ll thrive with the Pixel Slate or the cheaper Android-based tabs. For Apple fanboys and girls, you’ll be good to go with an iPad Pro and get all your office or school work readily in sync with it.

Silesian briefcase for a portable office with excellent ergonomics

Pick your case; make sure it’s a Silesian briefcase.

A Surface Pro In A Silesian Case: The Must-Have Office

So, what’s the killer combination? It’s the Surface Pro and the Silesian case for me, and it most likely is for most Windows-based users. Well, if you love Apple’s or Google’s environment better, you can always take your pick between the iPad Pro and the Google Slate.

Or, just stick to the current tab you have. In any case, just be sure to pair your tablet with the Silesian briefcase.

Crystal L

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