A Tablet Case That Is Efficient And Gives Value For Money

2018-12-07 08:21:50

The Silesian Case is a very relevant and relatable product that solves the ergonomics of all kinds of working environments- whether you are a student, parent, domestic nomad or professional- that is stylish, very efficient and gives value for money.

Efficient in Every Aspect

To begin with, the Silesian Case being almost the size of a normal laptop is not cumbersome to carry around. Another attractive feature of the Silesian Case is that even from its outward appearance, it is very stylish since it is made from eco-leather. Who doesn’t want to own something that looks sleek and expensive? With the Silesian Case, you walk around with pride whether it is to meetings, going to school or in the case of digital nomads, everywhere. More so, even with the Silesian Case having a perfect size, it has the capacity to carry everything that you need when going about your daily activities, including but not limited to, your iPad or Tablet accessories, mobile phone, wallet, passport without having to worry about forgetting anything essential.

Suitable for Everyone

If you are a professional, parent, digital nomad or student concerned about the safety of your iPad/Tablet in the case it falls down or gets hit as they do sometimes, the Silesian Case is shock absorbent and the keyboard cover protects the screen. With the everyday use of iPads/tablets, there has been an increase in body and health issues like sore neck and back problems due to a bad posture when sitting. The ergonomic stand of the Silesian Case, on the other hand, helps you avoid this by holding your tablet screen up making sure that when using your iPad, you are always in an upright position. In addition, the case has a spongy base for you to rest your wrists on while typing or using the touchpad.


Value for Money

We always want to purchase a product that gives value to the money we are investing in it. The Silesian Case can carry and is compatible with almost any tablet which means, chances are you do not have to purchase a new tablet to be able to use the case. In a situation where the keyboard does not work when physically connected to your tablet, you can use the K810 Bluetooth keyboard. The K810 Bluetooth Keyboard comes in handy when working in a location with low light for example when traveling, this is so because the keyboard is illuminated and also able to sense when your hands are lightly touching the keys and illuminates the keys. In addition, just like the mouse, the keyboard switches off when not in use which saves on battery life and prevents accidental typing.

Another valuable accessory is the Bluetooth Mouse: Microsoft Arc Touch. It takes up very little storage space since it can easily lay flat when in transit. Also, the Bluetooth mouse is very efficient because since it has two points of contact with the surface, you can use it on both a soft and uneven surface.




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