Adult Learning: 3 Reasons to Return to Education

Would you love to learn something new? Have you considered returning to education? Do you have a passion or interest that you would love to develop further? School is certainly not just for children and teenagers. Learning should and can last forever, with our adult lives continuously being complemented by further training, higher education and extra skill sets. So if you have something you’ve been dying to learn more about or a qualification you would love to achieve, be inspired to return to school.

There are many reasons to consider adult learning. Sure, it’s harder to find the time in and around other commitments, and some people in your life may not understand why you want to do it, but the advantages certainly outweigh the negatives. These are just three of the reasons to return to education and fulfil an unfulfilled dream.

1. Turn your Hobby into a Career

By far, the biggest advantage to adult learning is the ability to turn your passion into something you can make money from. Whether you love gardening or languages, photography or creative writing, investing in further education within your area of interest helps to open doors you might not have known were there. Discover new skills whilst also learning the criteria for jobs and the access points to the market. Ask yourself, could you turn your hobby into a career?
3 Reasons to Return to Education

2. Connect to People with Similar Interests

This could be one of the best advantages of returning to education. It certainly gets harder to make friends as adults and sometimes we notice that some of our oldest friends don’t always have that much in common with us. Adult learning is a great way to connect with people who share similar interests to you and are excited about the things that excite you. You may not be able to talk to your partner or mother about writers block but Janet from class totally gets it.

3. Re-discover Yourself and the Person you wanted to be

Sometimes, life hurtles forward at an alarming pace. Some of the decisions we make along the way set us on paths we don’t remember actively choosing. Adult learning is a way to not only connect with others, but also to re-connect with ourselves. Do you currently do a job you love? Do you have something else you always imagined you would do? Is there a whole other life you envisaged for yourself? It’s never too late to choose a different path or make changes in your life. So use adult learning to re-discover yourself and the person you always wanted to be.
Return to Education

If you’ve been thinking about returning to education, make life easier for yourself with the right set up. No matter how little time you have to get your work done, take the stress out of keeping your stuff separate to the kids’ or those ugly reports from your paid job. Choose the Silesian tablet case for a roomy yet stylish look that is not only drop proof but also makes portable study super easy.

Adult learning has so many wonderful benefits to us as individuals and to our greater community as a whole. Returning to education is effectively investing in yourself and the things you love. Going back to school might seem daunting but you are sure to gain so many wonderful things from the decision. After all, why shouldn’t you invest in yourself? So whether you’re a mum of 4 or a round-the-world backpacker, a secret lover of all things crafts or just simply someone looking to do something different for a little while, make time for you and the passion that stirs inside you.

Karen Rose Kingsbury

Karen Rose Kingsbury is a Travel and Wellness Writer with passions for transformative travel and mental health alongside vegan-friendly travel and plant-inspired living. She works as Content Marketing Executive for a U.K. travel brand as well as freelancing with her own websites; Transform Me Travel and The Natural Essex Girl.