An Awesome Tablet Stand For People Who Are Always On The Go

Gone are the days when people aspire or look forward to having a regular 9 to 5 desk job. With the awesome advances in the world of technology and the internet, working remotely is something everyone wants to do as it gives people a chance to own their time and work at their own personal leisure. This free and flexible working structure also gives people a whole lot of freedom to pursue their dreams and hobbies, and almost everyone loves to travel, explore and have new experiences. Keeping all these logistics and pointers in mind, we have come up with an awesome solution which will surely give you the ease of working comfortably while you are on your travels. Presenting to you, the Silesian Case.

What is the Silesian case?

At first glance, this product may look like an ordinary briefcase, but much more sleek and stylish than the regular ones you may see. But once you open it up, it’s a whole new story. The Silesian case is a stand which is ergonomically designed to hold your tablet or notebook, whichever you may prefer, and create a portable workstation which gives you mobility, comfort, and relief. This device works best when paired with the Apple iPads, Microsoft Surface Pro, Google Pixel Slate and many more. All you need to do is open up the briefcase, adjust it according to your liking, fit your tablet in the given slot and boom! You have now created a portable workspace in just a few seconds. You can now work on the go, minimizing effort and maximizing ease.

Made with the best grade materials possible, the Silesian case is made up of a shock absorbing material which not only gives the case structural integrity but also protects your tablet from any unforeseen mishaps. The design is classy and sleek and demands attention. All the tiny details of the Silesian case is what sets is apart from all the other tablet stands in the market. And when not in use, you can quickly fold it up and get going, in typical digital nomad fashion!

Work comfortably. Anytime, anywhere!

While tablets can be convenient to carry around because they are flat and lightweight, sometimes they can be tricky to use. By this, we mean that holding a tablet up and typing can be cumbersome. So the world was lacking a smart and ergonomic solution to this problem. This is where the Silesian case steps in. You can use this case on your lap, any table or flat surface without being in a constant fear of knocking the tablet over. It is a sturdy structure that has you covered even when you are on the move.

Gives you a comfortable working position and also helps improve your posture

Being on different remote and portable devices sure may be convenient, but it can definitely take a toll on your back, neck and other parts of your body. Your posture can suffer if these devices are not used properly. That is another area where the Silesian case can help – it lets the user sit up straight and type properly with ease and comfort. You can even adjust the height of the stand so that the screen is at a comfortable level without causing too much strain. The case has a base made with a type of foam which gives you a comfortable place to rest your hands and wrists while you are typing. The keyboard too is placed in a convenient position to increase your typing efficiency.

Keeps your tablet safe and sound

Made out of a strong and shock absorbing composite material, this case is ideal for travelers and people who are always on the move as it gives their tablet extra protection from any accidents. Be it accidental drops or jolts, the Silesian case has got you covered! The build of this case is also very sturdy and it can withstand bumpy roads and other obstacles that may come your way when you are traveling.

It can comfortably store all that you need to work remotely

Working freelance and on your own terms is awesome, but you do need to be prepared all the time. This is why this product is so smartly designed. It is designed in such a way that you can fit all that you need to work remotely in one single case in an organized manner. This case can comfortably store your tablet, the charger to your device, a built-in keyboard, a mouse, your phone charger, a power bank, and even your wallet! What else do you need?



Raveena Sakiri

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