An Ergonomic Tablet Stand and Briefcase in One as Birthday Gift

I celebrated my 30th birthday a couple of days ago, and that prompted plenty of reflection on the years that have gone by – who I was in my younger years, where I was headed then, and now, what I have accomplished and looking forward to my next adventures. Looking back and looking ahead, I realized that technology played and will continue to play a critical role in my life, so it’s important to get smart about how I use this blessing. Yes, despite its drawbacks I refer to technology as a blessing because it definitely helps improve our lives.

As I get older, simplicity and comfort are becoming my cornerstones in life. But often, especially with technology, these two hardly come together. Apple started off well in delivering both, which is why I chose to be an Apple customer ever since college with my MacBook Pro – the old bulky one, which, 10 years later, still works well. In my later years right after college, I decided to get an iPad as it was getting harder to lug around heavy devices. I found my device of choice a few years ago: the iPad Pro. Lightweight, simple, and with a screen that’s just the right size, my iPad Pro became my best friend and colleague. The only thing missing was the perfect case. By some stroke of luck, I stumbled upon the Silesian Case just a couple of months ago and have decided to gift it to myself for my 30th birthday, confident it’s just what I’ve been looking for and just what I need as I get older.

Sleek, Stylish, Superb

Why does this case call out to me? Simply because it’s simple but has everything I need. The design is modern and looks nothing like an obvious tablet case. It looks quite professional and can even pass as a luxury handbag in my opinion. It’s lightweight and compact but can miraculously contain all my devices and wires in an organized fashion. A bonus is how it easily transforms into a mobile workspace that allows me to use it wherever I am and whenever I want, without causing much clutter around the area. It truly is sleek, stylish, and superb.

Ergonomic and Extraordinary

One aspect of my life that I’ve learned to pay more attention to as I age is my health and especially how technology affects it. To keep up in today’s world I have no choice but to depend on technology for work and play. Sadly, I’ve realized that aging with technology is not as easy as when I was younger. I’ve noticed my wrists ache faster now when using my tablet or laptop, my eyes feel strained after a few hours, and my lower back and neck ache as well if I use my devices at a bad angle. The lack of a standardized workstation takes its toll. Silesian Case solves for that with its ergonomic features to relieve the strains of using technology. With its standardized ergonomic features, I’m sure to have a more extraordinary experience with my beloved tablet. I can’t wait to receive my present and improve my future with technology!

Camille Castro

I believe that living life to the fullest means making every day an adventure by challenging yourself to explore outside your comfort zone – that includes meeting new people, trying new things, seeing new places or seeing the usual through different perspectives. I enjoy activities centered around this belief, such as running, swimming, reading, and of course, traveling – all of which make me see the world differently, every day.