Are tablets affecting your kids posture?

Mobile devices such as tablets and iPad’s have been increasingly used by young children and teenagers. By age 3 most children in our society have been exposed to tablets and from that age on they become regular users of it. A lot of kids in today’s society spend a large portion of their day using tablets whether for entertainment or schoolwork which is causing children and teenagers to develop bad positions that affect physical health. Parents are not acquainted with the effects this issue is having on their children and how to stop it so let’s take a look at the negative effects the wrong use of tablets can have on children’s bodies and how to avoid them.

Short-term effects of bad posture while using tablets

Children, teenagers, and people, in general, gravitate towards bad postures when using tablets. Hunching down looking at your electronic device and bending over to use a tablet for activities that usually take an extended amount of time (such as watching a movie, playing games, doing homework or just working) quickly becomes a bad habit and puts a strain on your neck and back muscles causing you pain. Another short-term effect that often goes unrealized is the effect these unhealthy positions have on your mood. Just like good posture and positive air flow in the body to help fight depression, a bad posture invites a negative mood and lack of motivation while performing activities.

Long-term effects of bad posture

People tend to tilt their head forward when they are using tablets causing their spinal cords to shape into an unnatural position that in the long run can cause excruciating spine and back pains for the user. Since the nerves in your neck and upper back also control muscles in your arms, wrists, and hands, bad posture can have a negative effect on these areas as well. Other long-term effects of bad posture also include children developing round shoulders and the constant compression of the belly while using their tablet in a bad posture can cause the children to have digestive problems as well. In conclusion, bad posture caused by the wrong use of your tablet can create an array of health problems.

How to avoid health problems while using tablets

With a few simple changes and regulations, you can avoid the problems that come along with bad posture in your children. Electronic devices should be held near eye level to prevent the head from tilting and hence the head and shoulders. The best ways to avoid common health issues in your children and in yourself while continuing to use your tablet are not to stoop or slouch and breaking up the time you need to use your tablet. Even though both things can be quite challenging, fortunately, nowadays there are products such as comfortably elevated stands for tablets and online apps that help remind you to take breaks and stretch while also alerting users when they have stared at a device for too long. The key to avoiding health problems while using your electronic device is by regulating the way you use it in order to be efficient without sacrificing health and comfort.





María José Mera Washburn

Hi! I’m Maria! I’m from Ecuador, South America. After living in the city my whole life and working a traditional job since I was 17, I moved to the country side and started working online. I am currently teaching, writing, growing food, making friends and enjoying a simple life.