Beginners Tips For Working Online Whilst Exploring The World

The world of work is rapidly developing and nowadays many people are making the move to working online. Gone are the days of 9 to 5 jobs, dull office blocks, and grabbing a quick bite to eat from the local supermarket before your lunch break is over. The freedom that comes with working online is very appealing, especially when you can travel the world at the same time. Here are a few handy tips to get yourself going in the online world of work.

work online travel the world

Find a job that interests you.

The downfall for many wannabe nomads is choosing the wrong job. There is no point starting a job that you will not enjoy and will later regret starting. Think about what you like to do and how your current skills could be utilised in the online world. From virtual PA’s and teaching English, to sales, freelance writing and digital marketing, there is a wealth of online opportunities to choose from. Do some research and search for keywords such as ‘remote’ and ‘work from home’. This will give you a good head start to finding the perfect position for you.

Don’t over clutter yourself.

Another joy of working online is that your office is now ‘remote’. You don’t want to be lugging around half your current office space with you, let alone setting up bulky equipment everywhere you go. Choose a PC tablet suitable for the work you want to be doing and make sure you can download apps on to it that will benefit you.
The less you can carry, the better. Choosing a compact briefcase such as the Silesian case will allow you to work from anywhere, with everything conveniently stored in one place. You can open your workstation anywhere and get going, with space for everything you need inside. Want to work at the beach or in a forest? No problem! The world is now your oyster!
work online travel world

Dedicate an allocated time to focus.

Another problem that many nomads tend to find themselves in is the lack of drive to keep working. There is so much to see and do around the world that sometimes it’s hard to fit in time for your chosen career. Unless your job has scheduled hours, dedicate a time slot every day that you will use to focus in. This way you can ensure that your work will be progressing, your pay will be flowing, and your work will also be productive. It’s a great way to stay on track and keep your travel dreams going.

Keep the motivation going.

Apart from finding the time to work (on top of all your amazing adventures!), the online world can sometimes be a lonely place. This can result in a drop in motivation and a lack of desire to continue. There are plenty of digital nomad groups on Facebook and Instagram, and these are a great resource to use. Start engaging and get your name out there. After all, everyone is in the same boat and we all need a bit of support now and then. Another great way to get more inspiration for online work is through podcasts. There are plenty of podcasts to choose from in a variety of different niches. Find the one that’s suited to you, sit back and let the inspiration start flowing.
work online travel world

Now you know the beginning steps to working online, there’s nothing to stop you. Get on the web, start searching for your new position and in no time you’ll be sipping cocktails on a beach, exploring new places, walking through cities with your whole office in your hand, and wondering why you didn’t decide to do this sooner.

Emily Lowenna Coyle

I’m Emily and I like sharing my passion for travel, nature, and culture with others. I’ve been exploring the world for the last year and a half whilst working online, and have finally realised it’s time to put my skills to use and document my travels. I have worked from villages and cities to mountains and beaches across many countries in the world and have a lot of knowledge about the topic of travel. “It doesn’t matter where you live, as long as you live where you are.”