Blogging on the go – the pitfalls, and triumphs

Blogging is fun, addictive and a great way to share experiences with other people, although getting your material out there to the wider audience can be challenging at times, especially on that bumpy bus journey, turbulent plane or ram packed train.

For me, as a part time travel blogger, its particularly important to me that the time I do spend travelling, is documented and up to date, so my followers can keep track of what I’ve been doing in as close to real time as possible. Equally my priority when travelling is always to enjoy myself, immerse in the culture and gain new experiences, so I don’t want to be couped up in a hostel writing when I could be exploring, so blogging on the go, in that travel ‘dead time’ is key.

The pitfalls…

As I eluded to above however, that isn’t always easy; I have been really tired on a flight across the USA, desperately trying to get a piece together in between trips, when the turbulence was literally shutting my laptop screen – infuriating! I’ve also experienced the dreaded motion sickness on more trains than I would like to recall, from looking down far too often to a tablet screen that is not at eye level, the result being a very unpleasant remainder of the journey, and no writing being finished.

The triumphs

My favourite on the go blogging moment however, was when I was lying on a hammock in Magnetic Island, Queensland, Australia, under the shade of a palm tree, relaxing and writing about the previously exciting days. The problem is there isn’t always a hammock, palm tree providing just the right amount of shade and endless time to be soaking up the sun (often there isn’t even sun to rely on!).

The Silesian case

This is why when I heard about Silesians new case I was really excited. I had been thinking about whether it was better to take my laptop or tablet travelling as I had experienced problems with each. On the one hand this case meant there were no chances of a repeat of the dreaded USA flight experience, but I was still concerned I would loose the screen height a laptop offers, as I have struggled to work using my tablet on my lap previously due to having to look down so much. But when I read about the built in elevated stand that holds your tablet higher than conventional cases I was pretty much sold – no more motion sickness for me!

The case also comes with space for all your tablet accessories, so it is easy to keep everything in one place, and doubles as a carry case for your tablet when you are not using it. Most importantly it is compatible with many different brands of tablets, so there is not need to replace your old tablet just to utilise this case, and equally if you don’t have a tablet yet, you are free to purchase the one that suits your needs and budget.

I am planning on purchasing one for my next trip, if you are as excited about this product as I am, and decide to take the leap as well, let me know how you get on!

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I am a twenty something veterinarian and part time traveller. I aim to travel the world, and share my experiences to help inspire other people to explore and plan amazing trips too. I am a very amateur wildlife photographer and enjoy incorporating nature and animal related activities into my trips, so many of my posts will have an animal/nature theme too.