Bye Bye neck pain!

When I was a younger traveler, I could sit, sleep and work in any position and feel totally fine. Posture and ergonomics had no priority for me at all. This is changing more as I am approaching my 30th birthday.  The need to improve my posture has come to my recognition, I recently stumbled upon a product that helps me correct my posture in a simplified manner that does not take much time, money or effort.



Posture matters!

It really does. One of the hardest things is trying to maintain good posture if you work constantly on the go like I do. I’ve had to do work on my tablet on all sorts of rickety trains and all kinds of rusty bus station benches.  This case has been a literal neck saver for me.  I noticed in the last couple of years that my neck and shoulders have been much tenser as a result of my less than stellar posture.  I have tried to ease the pain with massages, sauna and pain medication, but I eventually realized that what I needed was to correct my posture. This can be done with specific exercises and yoga, but my time is limited so I can’t always commit to this. A simple adjustment to how I sit when I work was good enough.  This was where the ergonomic tablet holder comes in. Now when I work away, I am more likely to sit properly than I used to when I was hunched over my tablet. I am not going to claim it made me lose weight, but the corrected posture has made me look slightly trimmer. If you are hunched over a tablet often, it can start to give the appearance of the double chin. So in addition to feeling better with improved posture, you also look better and more professional.


Convenience matters even more

Admittedly this is not the only gadget or gizmo that helps improve posture, but it is probably the most convenient. When you travel a lot or on the go, less is more. This case is very lightweight and easy to take with you. It like other does not bulk you down like other cases. It is pretty simple to use. Even if you are not on the go, this is useful to take with you to the office or a college lecture. People spend lots of money or specialized desks to adjust their posture. They often are given repetitive and time-consuming exercises from their doctor that they neglect just after a few days.  This is more economical and a much more simple way to improve one’s posture. So really this case is not just helpful for us nomadic people, but it is useful for anyone. I am buying one for my little brother to take with him to university next fall. It makes for a nice gift for anyone that uses a tablet in general.  This is a product that is hard to go wrong with.


Heidi Koelle

American born, Prague/Frankfurt/Mars based. Some of my top interests include countries that do not exist legally, making messes, eating spring rolls, and doing things outside.