Choosing a laptop/tablet case for freelance writers

Choosing a laptop for a freelance writer is crucial, but the case can play a vital role as well, especially when it can affect the quality of work, productivity and the health of the writer. Silesian has introduced an ergonomic case for laptops and tablets that became a must-have for anyone involved in freelance writing and remote work.

Why choosing the right case is important?

The remote work that used to be something unusual now is a choice of many people who don’t want to spend 8 hours a day in the office. A freelance writer performing a high-quality job can earn decent money taking advantage of several benefits of remote work. Having a comfortable workplace is essential for high productivity and efficiency. If a person experiences pain due to the bad posture it will interfere with the work results. Silesian ergonomic cases allow concentrating on work without any worries about back or neck discomfort due to the incorrect way of positioning yourself. The case can be adjusted to the eye level in order to maintain a good posture.

Delivering quality work in any conditions

Working as a freelancer has a number of benefits but at the same time, the pressure can be quite high, especially when the deadline of the project approaches.  In these situations, a freelance writer needs to deliver results on time and often must work long hours being on a plane, a bus, beach or a couch. Silesian ergonomic cases were designed to satisfy these conditions. They are extremely easy to assemble, all gear can be carried out inside one briefcase. These cases are very stable for positioning it on your lap or adjusting to any position.

Combination of design and ergonomics

What is more important: functionality or design? After choosing a Silesian case, there will be no need to answer this question. The stylish bag within seconds transforms into a mobile ergonomic workplace. Produced with quality materials, the Silesian cases protect your device during the drops and fit all the necessary accessories in one place, including your charger, batteries, mouse, and keyboard. The case will suit almost any outfit and works with all main brands of a tablet or a laptop. Moreover, it is made of eco-friendly materials, specifically, the producers use durable and vegan-friendly eco-leather.

Silesian changed the way a freelancer used to choose his laptop/tablet case. Once you know that there is a multifunctional ergonomic case out there, you hardly can give your preference to something else. The reason is simple: health is the most important thing we all have and we never should choose between being productive and being healthy. Silesian product enables freelance writers to concentrate on delivering outstanding work results without thoughts about bad posture, muscle pain, etc. If you have any doubts about the measurements, type of the case or any other question, you can contact a representative of Silesian through the official website. By subscribing, you will also get a chance to be always updated on new arrivals and other innovations.

Lusine Mirzoyan

I am Lusine, born in Armenia, currently living in Cyprus. Still believe in Humanity, considering life the greatest teacher, love meeting interesting people, explore and learn new things.