Create An Ergonomic Workspace Anywhere

Are you a freelance writer? Me too! Therefore my iPad Pro is a significant part of my daily routines. You would be shocked if I told you my daily screen time. I use it for work, do research, read the news, watch videos on Youtube, play games, check my social media… The list can go on and on. I am sure most iPad Pro users can relate to that.

Let’s leave pleasures and benefits of being a freelance writer aside for a while. Because now I want to talk to you about the downsides of spending a lot of time staring at a screen. It is a point often overlooked. People tend to be more interested in income rather than occupational health when it comes to freelance writers. The hours you spent with your beloved iPad Pro can cause you a sore neck and bad posture.

How Can A Freelance Writer Prevent Bad Posture?

What can you do to prevent bad posture therefore sore neck? First, let’s find out why working on an iPad Pro screen time is causing a sore neck and bad posture. Drum roll, please. The reason is poor ergonomics. As a result of poor ergonomics, you slouch or bend while using an iPad Pro. The bad posture creates tension in your spine. Therefore you have a sore neck. Given these points, the problem is not the screen time. It is the poor ergonomics.

Without delay, I want to introduce you to the Silesian Case. It is the world’s first ergonomic tablet stand and briefcase in one piece. It is as impressive as it sounds. With the Silesian Case, you can transform anywhere (work, home, park bench, etc.) into an ergonomic workspace. So you can enjoy working from anywhere as the perks of being a freelance writer.

The elevated stand holds your tablet at eye level for comfortable viewing. Because it is high enough, you don’t have to bend and compromise your posture.

I know tablet stand/ briefcase doesn’t sound very stylish but don’t jump into conclusions before you check out the photos. The briefcase is handmade from eco, vegan-friendly leather. It is slim and chic. It not only looks good but also protects your meal ticket AKA iPad Pro. It fully encloses the iPad Pro with shock absorbent material. So you don’t have to worry about protecting your iPad Pro during your daily transit. You know you need protection if you are using the latest model. It is super fragile.

iPad Pro iPad Pro 

As can be seen in the photos, the Silesian Case is slim and stylish. But does it have enough space to fit all the things you need? No one wants to carry a million briefcases into a business meeting. Don’t worry the Silesian Case got you covered. Here is an example list of things that can fit in:

  • iPad Pro

  • Charger and adapter

  • Bluetooth keyboard and mouse (let's face it no keyboard no writing)

  • Mobile phone (most likely an iPhone)

  • USB battery pack

  • Wallet and passport

  • USB accessories


The Verdict

To sum up, the Silesian Case can prevent you from having a bad posture without cutting out screen time. You can take it to anywhere you want to use your iPad Pro. Well, now one more question left unanswered. Where can you find it? You can order it from their website Happy shopping everyone!

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