Digital nomad healthy tips to work remotely

Whether you travel for your work or you are an independent digital nomad traveling for your projects, you probably noticed how challenging it can be for your body to adapt to different environment.

It can be a real pain in the neck to find the right balance for your body when you are on the move all the time, hence don’t have a proper office! But if you love traveling as I do, you will find solutions to keep moving!

Healthy tips for your belly


Food tips

If you travel for work, you know how it goes… It’s all about speed! You need to rush to the airport or train station, mostly at odd hours to arrive early at a meeting, and once there you probably only have time for a sandwich… Kind of a disaster for your stomach after a while! If you need to overnight, you might be so tired that you don’t even want to dine out, and will simply get whatever food you find on the room service menu! Sounds familiar?

Now, what can you do to not end up with a bad tummy?

Prepare some snacks

Instead of grabbing unhealthy food like crips in the train or plane, just pack some healthy nuts from your favorite bulk shop. I usually get mine in a bee’s wrap so that it’s light to carry and I always have something healthy if I am hungry. You can also take some easy-to-pack fruits like apples or bananas.

Choose your accommodation wisely

If you need to stay for a long period of time, try to find an apartment with a kitchen instead of a hotel.  That way you can cook the food you are used to and not upset your stomach. If you stay in a hotel, try to find a healthy shop like the Whole foods market. When I was in Chelsea, London, I found one and I went there to buy my dinner. I was alone and didn’t feel like going to a restaurant. Plus it was nice and easy and I could eat it in my room watching TV and relaxing!



Drinks tips

I always take a BPA free bottle to refill with me so that I can drink plenty of water. Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol, especially if you are flying, as it will dehydrate you.

Also, if you travel to an exotic country, be aware of ice cubes! They are not always made with safe water and you might get sick! So stay away from cocktails!

Healthy tips for your back and neck


The weight of your carry on

If you have a bad back like me, you know how essential it is to travel light! You need to find the right balance between having the right equipment to work remotely and at the same time something that you will be able to carry by yourself without hurting your back! And that, my friend, is another challenge accepted! When I travel, I need to write. And I also need to make presentations to people.
I love tablets for that! They are just great for both purposes. If you haven’t got one yet, I would say try one like the iPad Pro, Google slate or Lenovo mix, depending on your needs and budget. It’s easy to carry when you are on the road.



Keep a healthy posture

That is another challenge I decided to accept! Obviously writing with a tablet does not seem ideal for your back and especially your neck! However, it’s actually easy if you are rightly equipped!

The Silesian case is highly recommended for maintaining the right posture with your tablet. It looks like a briefcase but it does much more than protecting and carrying your tablet.

It also allows you to elevate the tablet to the right height for your eyes.
And it will be very comfortable to type with it because its design has been especially elaborated thinking of your wrist.



If you are a digital nomad or digital nomad wannabe who cares for your health, you now have all the ingredients to keep in good shape!

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