Digital Nomad? Work & Play Anywhere with the Google Pixel Slate

Laptops provide the best experience for most digital nomads until tablet PCs introduced a more lightweight and versatile option. Today, you can work with a Google Slate and thrive as a digital nomad, whether you’re freelance writing, developing WordPress sites, or simply running your business from an airplane or café.

But why pick the Google Pixel Slate?

Work with Your Google Drive

As a digital nomad, you’ve probably gotten yourself a Google Drive account. In fact, you may have a G Suite-associated profile, because either your university or company or even you have applied for one. Now if you do have a G Suite drive, then you could indulge in having 10TB of cloud storage for your online freelancing files!

google slate for a digital nomad

Load your Google Drive files from anywhere with the Pixel Slate.

Access Your Drive Faster with the Google Slate

I’m telling you this because from my experience, accessing those cloud files can be swifter in Chrome OS than in any other platform. Although I love Windows (and its best tab, the Surface Pro), I’m starting to consider the Google Slate now, too.

Since I’ve experimented working with the Chrome OS, I’ve found that I don’t have to store any work output in my hardware. I just got to retrieve them from my Google Drive, and my files act like digital nomads, almost literally, as well!

digital nomad using Google slate

A digital nomad can work with files on a cloud.

Multi-Task with Intel Processors

The newest Pixel Slate starts at $599. If you’re a multitasking digital nomad like me, you’d probably pick the Intel® Core™ i5 version with 8GB RAM. This model features 128GB of onboard storage, which I think would just be enough if you’re storing the rest of your files in your Google Drive, anyway.

Secure Your Business

If you do a lot of business online, collaborate with other digital workers, and basically make and receive payments on the go, you got to have a secure device. For that matter, the Pixel Slate offers a higher level of security with a new fingerprint unlock feature, a Titan™ C encryption, and Chrome OS automatic updates.

secure business transactions with a Google slate

Keep your transactions secure.

Enjoy Other Freelance-Friendly Perks

Ask your Google Assistant for anything you need for your work day, set reminders, work offline with Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, and split your screen to do more tasks in one shot. Also, design anything with a gorgeous Pixelbook pen, and you got yourself a juicy 12-hour battery life to work with.

Chill with Play Store Apps

Now you’d probably agree that the digital nomadic lifestyle isn’t all work. In fact, you’ve been holding up better in this working environment because it gives you more freedom for stuff other than work.

With a Google Pixel Slate, you can access familiar Android apps from the Play Store and use them to chill out during breaks. The Chrome OS itself supports numerous productivity and entertainment apps, too, completing your digital experience wherever you are in the world.

Silesian case carrying a Google Slate

Work anywhere with the Google Slate & a Silesian Case.

Bring It Anywhere with A Silesian Case

In case you haven’t heard of the Silesian briefcase, it is a tablet case compatible with the Google Pixel Slate and even transforms to a tablet stand. If you’re buying a Google Slate, I’d recommend you protect, carry, and work with it in a Silesian case.

Now I could imagine the combo making my freelance writing venture a more ergonomic, better secure, and even more enjoyable venture.

Crystal L

Currently writing and traveling for both fun and profit, I am a natural science and technology enthusiast who loves to live an abundant, healthy and stress-free life. I aim at positively influencing others on living a cruelty-free lifestyle, both for one’s own benefit and the preservation of earth’s natural resources. I love travels, food (plant-based, of course), and animals, especially cats. Alongside these, I love physics and tech-related stuff, too. I am a vegan vegetarian, and I love veganism in all its positive principles. I am a health and naturopathy advocate, as well. Above all, I love Jesus.