Enjoying the Benefits of an Ergonomic Tablet Stand and Case

The importance of ergonomics at the workplace might be obvious, but not many companies invest in it. It is very hard to concentrate on work when the pain caused by bad posture comes along. Freelancers might face this problem even more often due to the fact, that they work from different places with no specific time schedule or office equipment. Silesian is a company that came up with an efficient solution, which will increase productivity with no harm to the most precious thing we have – our health.

Benefit No 1: Improve productivity

Being productive is one of the ergonomics benefits. The majority of people need two things to increase their productivity: doing what they love and feeling comfortable and healthy while they are doing it. Freelancers have the opportunity to work in stress-free environments, but this also means that sometimes jobs need to be done when you are in the car, plane or lying in your bed. Silesian ergonomic cases can be easily adjusted to any position of a user preventing any pain in the neck or back as a result of a bad posture.

Benefit No 2: Enjoy better quality of life

Better quality of life means less stress, no health problems, more free time to spend with loved ones while getting productive results at work. With Silesian ergonomic cases freelancers carry their mobile workplace in one briefcase, which includes all tools and accessories for working anywhere in the world. The elevated stand allows to hold the laptop or tablet on the convenient level with no need to lean forward. As a result, you won’t get any work-related muscle pain or problems with the eyesight and can focus on enjoying your life.

Benefit No 3: Increase your typing skills

Comfortable typing is essential, wrong wrists’ posture might cause serious problems. Silesian case designers thought it all through applying ergonomics. You don’t have to worry about pain in your hands, the case enables the wrists rest comfortably during the typing. Depending on the model of your device, there might be a need for a Bluetooth keyboard since in some cases the physically connected keyboard doesn’t work. If you are not sure, just contact the representative of Silesian to give you more information about it.

Silesian developed a stylish and efficient solution for your tablet and gave the opportunity to work from anywhere with minimum risk to the health. By investing in Silesian invention, you won’t only get a trendy accessory that perfectly suits almost all your outfits but also can enjoy ergonomics benefits fully. The stylish case in a matter of seconds transforms into ergonomic stand for your tablet.  The case works almost with all kinds of tablets, suitable for everyone: digital nomads, remote workers, freelancers, etc. Buyers can check the exact measurements of the case on the Silesian official website, which currently offers 50 % discount for purchases on Indiegogo. Last but not least,  manufacturers use high quality eco friendly materials, and this says a lot about the company nowadays.

Lusine Mirzoyan

I am Lusine, born in Armenia, currently living in Cyprus. Still believe in Humanity, considering life the greatest teacher, love meeting interesting people, explore and learn new things.