Ergonomics: Tips to Maximize Comfort and Efficiency When Working

Unbeknownst to many, there’s actually a term used to refer to the degree of comfort and efficiency a working environment has or can provide. This is called ergonomics.

Although there are many external factors that may affect how effective, efficient, and comfortable you can get when and where you’re working, there are also a lot of personal efforts or changes we can make to make our working environment as conducive as possible. The list below summarizes the top three things you should take into account when making your working environment as ergonomically ideal as it can be.

Good Lighting Leads to Productive Work

I’m sure we all remember being told not to read in dark spaces or when in moving vehicles as it affects our eyesight. Similar to this, the kind of lighting in your work environment affects how your eyes and your head feel. High-intensity lighting has been said to be one of the main causes of headaches or migraines in the workplace. As such, natural daylight can probably be considered the most ideal type of lighting. However, since various people are bound to have differing preferences, making sure a work environment whose lighting situation if flexible or customizable is a great effort at making a workspace more comfortable, especially when natural daylight isn��t necessarily available.

Temperature: Finding a Comfortable Degree

Just like lighting, an immediate environmental factor that affects a workspace is the temperature. In this case, the extremes on both ends of the scale are a no-no. Being in an environment that is too warm or too cold will not give you a conducive environment as both these circumstances provide discomfort. Corporate and business offices are often centrally airconditioned and tend to have a colder office temperature. Usually, layered office attire generally solves this problem. On the other hand, although the outdoor temperature is rather out of our hands, taking into account the indoor temperature for comfort and maximum productivity according to the current season is an easy measure to take. Adjusting to weather or climate changes, the size of your office or workspace, and the amount of people you have working in proportion to the office size is sure to make a difference.

Posture is important too!

One of the most overlooked factors of comfort and efficiency (which both affect one’s productivity) is the importance of maintaining, or at least encouraging proper posture, especially when sitting at a desk for long hours while working on a tablet or laptop.

When sitting at a desk, the basics of proper posture include sitting straight and having your feet flat on the floor. More importantly, in relation to your tablet or computer screen, it truly makes a difference to be able to have the screen as close to eye level as possible. When it comes to working on tablets, make sure to get cases that can adjust to this need and assist in encouraging good posture while working. This will lead to reduced neck and/or back pain problems resulting from working long hours in a bad position. Long-term health risks are also therefore decreased.


Many factors affect how productive and efficient we are when we are working and although this may also vary per individual, making sure that these three things are taken into account is a good first step in the hunt for the most ergonomically ideal environment for you and the people you work with.

Leigh Fuentes

Leigh is an artistically-inclined, twenty-something woman from the Philippines. At a young age, she was bitten by the travel bug; though harmless, it can get quite infectious. She loves to write about travel, food, culture, and events. She graduated with a degree in Development Communication and is currently based in Metro Manila.