Four Challenges You'll Definitely Encounter When You Work Mobile

When you work the nomadic style, — moving from one place to another, usually not limited to a specific time — you’ll more or less encounter a few challenges that will hinder your work and your productivity. Working away from the office or away from home means that your office is never one thing for too long and the only constant thing about your working environment is that it always changes.  Most of the time, this also means that you share your temporary workspace with people who aren’t exactly a digital nomad like you. Check out the following challenges that you’re sure to encounter at least once, if not often when you work mobile.



Go-to places for people who don’t in work your stereotypical office set-up often include places where food and coffee are readily available. After all, these two things are vital energy sources for when you have a lot of to-dos to tick off of your list. Thes places, however, are flocked to by people who don’t exactly have work in their mind and when there are more people, it means that there’s more noise to be made. While some people have the ability to block or mentally mute the noise present in their working environment, there can still be times that it might feel impossible to hear yourself think. A common way some people battle this would be drowning out external noise with some music blasting through headphones. Others, however, would choose a different venue altogether.

Back or Neck Pain

Although this particular problem isn’t necessarily limited to those who work mobile, it might be more evident for those who do. In a typical office set-up, at least you have a chair, a desk, and bright enough lighting. However, if you work mobile, you’re working on your tablet or laptop sitting on couches, on beds, or even on the floor which isn’t exactly ideal for your posture. If you work mobile on a tablet, a great way to combat this would be to choose a case that can adjust to your ergonomic needs. Like that of Silesian Cases, you can take the extra measure to purchase a case that can adjust to your eye level and reduce causes for discomfort caused by long-term bad or improper posture.

Internet Speed and Internet Access

Although free wifi or internet access has practically become a basic service provided by all sorts of merchandisers (even in public places like train stations), when you travel from country to country, sometimes internet access can be a little bit of a challenge to overcome. Some countries provide easier access, some countries have slower speed than others; so this could also affect your work when you travel at the same time. It’s just one of those things you’ll have to work around.

Plugs and Sockets

The plugs and sockets for electricity vary in different countries. Even the standard voltage can be different depending on where you are. As such, making sure you have access to your charging needs can pose a small challenge when you’re in a foreign place. One way to battle this challenge is the way traveling multimedia content producers (such as travel writers, bloggers, or vloggers) decide to invest in a universal extension cable or cord. This generally works like a universal remote for your television, except for plugging stuff in. Otherwise, you can always do a little bit of research before heading to the country of your next temporary office.  

Every working situation has its own pros and cons. When it comes to working mobile, it’s still an appealing lifestyle and these challenges are nothing but a small price to pay I’m sure almost all of us are willing to pay.

Leigh Fuentes

Leigh is an artistically-inclined, twenty-something woman from the Philippines. At a young age, she was bitten by the travel bug; though harmless, it can get quite infectious. She loves to write about travel, food, culture, and events. She graduated with a degree in Development Communication and is currently based in Metro Manila.