Freelance Writing Made Easier

Instead of taking a 9-to-5 job, more people opt to take freelance writing jobs. Why shouldn’t they? You’re in charge of your own time, you can take which job offers you like and decline those that you don’t, and you can work anywhere with the use of your trusty tablet PC (which seem to be the current craze). Literally. You can be at a park and be hit by a sudden inspiration, and you can write right then and there. You can take long haul flights and try to make better use of your time by finishing up your writing queue. You can finish your projects whenever you want and wherever you want. The only downside is, sometimes the place we choose to finish our work in isn’t at all ergonomically sound. Fear not because the Silesian Case caters to the freelancer’s needs.

Say No To Sacrificing Good Posture

Most tablet PCs cannot stand on their own. It’s either the base is not stable enough or it doesn’t come with one at all. That is why more often than not, we end up hunched over our screens with a sore back. Made with great ergonomics, getting the Silesian Case means not having to worry about your tablet PC falling to the ground because it has a stable base and has a stand that elevates the screen. This feature allows you to sit up straight while you work, thus relieving tension on your spine. The base also allows you to type well because it puts the keyboard in a sunken position giving your wrist the capability to be in a neutral position as you type, and even as you use the trackpad.

Enough Room Size For Your Gear

The nice thing about this case is that you can carry it around like a bag. It looks sleek enough but is also actually very roomy so you can bring important accessories with you wherever you go – which is important for freelancers. It’s not bulky either, others could barely tell that you’re carrying tablet PC, keyboard, mouse, chargers, an extra battery pack, and wallet all in that small bag. Taking it around with you is easy and fuss-free. Just as as effortless is setting it up because of its uncomplicated yet functional design.

All-Around Protection

The Silesian Case is made with shock-absorbent material so you don’t have to worry about your tablet PC getting damaged while you’re in transit. You can stop fretting about bumping into people (or worse, a pole or wall) and end up denting your gadget. It encloses it on all sides so all the accessories you carried with you would not end up scratching the screen or back cover. You can be assured that while you’re basically carrying a whole workstation with you, your tablet remains in a pristine condition.

Works With Almost All Tablet PCs In The Market

As long as your table has a kickstand (built-in or as an additional accessory), you can be sure that the Silesian Case would work with it. So if you have a Surface Pro, iPad Pro, Asus Transformer Pro, Lenovo Miix, Samsung Galaxy Tab, or Google Pixel Slate, why not give the Silesian Case a try and change the way you work.

Pia San Felipe

Pia is a twenty-something medical student from the Philippines. When she’s not busy trying to be a neurosurgeon, she roams wherever her feet (and budget) may take her. She’s been to various places in her home country and continent (Brunei, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore). Today Asia, tomorrow, the rest of the world.