Freelancing just got easier with the Silesian Case.

Freelancing, the offering of services to clients and businesses by a self-employed individual, has kept on growing in recent years. This increase in the number of people moving away from the traditional 8-4 jobs to a more personalized work schedule can be accredited to the immense development in technology. Electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, and phones bring about flexibility and enhance a remote work environment. Unfortunately, these devices are not always designed in line with our body’s requirements. Ergonomics, a branch of science, purposes to make better how people relate to systems and products. Consequently, work areas, environments, and tools involved in workplaces are designed in a manner that aims to mitigate the risk of injury. The Silesian Case is tablet case ergonomically created to do away with the occupational hazards that come with the use of tablets in freelancing.

As a freelancer, ease of movement while working is key. You need to be accessible and manage to complete work assignments regardless of time and location. The advantages of freelancing are that you are able to select your own clients, draw up your personal work schedule and set your own fee. However, there are disadvantages too. These include inconsistency in terms of finding work, being available to the client at his specified time of choice and difficulties involved in handling a number of projects and clients at a given time. The Silesian Case; the appropriate tablet case, helps in enhancing the advantages and reducing the disadvantages. Listed below are a few ways that this case utilizes ergonomics to design a secure, relaxed and constructive work environment.

Enhancement of stance

The position you take while using a device such as a laptop or a tablet is your posture and it affects your general health greatly if is not done in the right manner. The Silesian Case lifts up your screen to a position where you sit upright and work from a tablet comfortably. Your posture is enhanced and the risk of having lower back pain reduced significantly.

Ideal for typing

Most of the work as a freelancer involves typing. This can become problematic if the device you use is not designed with special provisions that boost typing. This has been made easy with the Silesian Case by incorporating a soft and steady area where your wrists lie as you type that also works as a wrist pad to enable your hands to stay in a neutral position while typing.

Ensures your tablet is secure

Moving around and traveling is one of the perks of freelancing. Therefore, a suitable and protective bag for your tablet is a requirement to ensure that it stays in a tip-top condition. The Silesian Case covers your tablet completely on all its sides subsequently shielding it in the case of droppings or being damaged by items that are in your bag.


As per the reasons above it is clearly shown how effective the Silesian Case is while working as a freelancer. In addition, it has enough space for you to carry all your other devices and accessories, it is made from high quality materials and can accommodate almost any tablet. Equip yourself with one of these and make your freelancing easier every day.

Margaret Sitawa

Sitawa has a B.Sc degree second class upper in Applied Statistics with computing. She manages her own successful blog and has written articles for companies such as Travelista Club, Twisted Fitness, Style Plus and many more. She has expertise in fashion, travel, web design and paper art. Her work ethic is impeccable and always has a unique angle to every work she pours herself into. She’s worked in sports, finance, and has a real passion for food. She is also SEO trained, web design certified and currently managing an eCommerce site