Get Rid Of Sore Neck while Using A Tablet

Student life is fun and games. Also a lot of work too. There is always research to do or a paper due. You end up spending hours on a tablet or laptop (in my case a tablet). That is only a portion of the hours you spend on these devices. You watch movies, keep up with social media, play games, and scroll infinitely on the websites we love. These hours you are spending staring at a screen add up. As a result, you have a sore neck all the time.

Cheer up! I know an easy solution that is going to make your sore neck go away. I’m not talking about painkillers. I’m not talking about a 20-minute workout either (although that also helps). Let me give you a clue. It is the number one advice Harvard Medical gave on their “How to prevent pain from tablet use” article.

Prevent Sore Neck While Using A Tablet

I’m talking about the Silesian Case. Have you heard of it before?
It is a slim briefcase for your tablet and its accessories. It is slim but big enough to fit in a full-size tablet, an adapter, and a charger, a keyboard and a mouse, mobile phone, wallet, USB battery pack, USB accessories. The slim briefcase doubles as a tablet stand. With it, you can transform anywhere into a workspace. How great is that!

Let’s face it. We are all very busy and always on the go. Think of all the places you work and study. A desk, your bed, a friends couch, at the library, at a cafe, on the subway… Poor ergonomics of this places are causing bad posture. Therefore a sore neck.

This is where Silesian Case comes to the rescue. You can adjust the elevated stand that holds your tablet to a comfortable viewing height. Voila! Goodbye, sore neck. After all, it is the world’s first ergonomic tablet case stand/ briefcase.

This ergonomic case supports you to keep up with work and studies anywhere. Giving you the ability to enjoy mobility without a sore neck or bad posture.

If you are like me, you are probably using a tablet because it is easy to carry around. And don’t want to carry around something heavy. Don’t worry. The Silesian case is light weighted.

Tablet Safety First

I pack up and move at least twice a day. All this running around I can get distracted and drop my bag or knock it around. Given that one of my concerns is to keep my tablet safe. Luckily, the Silesian case fully covers the tablet from all sides. It helps to prevent damages caused by impact. This briefcase protects your tablet and your neck.
sore neck  
If these are not enough, another thing to love about it is; it’s handmade.

Take control of the ergonomics of your work/ study space now. Take care of your health, your posture. If you do, I honestly believe you can achieve many things. You can become more productive, happier in your work/ study environment. It all starts with one briefcase. Simple as that.

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