How Silesian Case Helps to Prevent Carpal Syndrome

Are you a freelance writer, digital nomad, student or teacher? Then you might want to hear this. Jobs which involve repetitive movements over a long period increases your chances of getting carpal syndrome. Lifestyle changes, immobilization, medication and positioning your hands and wrists correctly while working can reduce or even cure the symptoms.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal syndrome is a common condition which occurs due to the repetitive motions of your wrist and hand. These repetitive motions put pressure on the median nerve. The carpal tunnel is an inch wide narrow passage in your wrist where the median nerve passes through to reach your hand. It is very rigid and does not stretch.

The feeling and movement of the thumb and fingers are governed by the median nerve. However, it does not control your pinky finger. The carpal tunnel becomes narrow due to the swelling which causes pain and numbness. Listed below are the causes for the carpal syndrome

    • Repetitive motions of the fingers and wrist

    • Conditions like obesity, hypothyroidism, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis

    • Pregnancy

It’s better that you get treated for the carpal syndrome as early as possible because the symptoms may get worse and last a long time. It’s easier to manage when diagnosed early.


At first, you may notice that your fingers become numb at night. You may feel a tingling sensation, pain, and numbness in your arms and hands. In severe cases, you may have less grip strength, severe pain, and muscle cramping.

Due to irritation and pressure, the median nerve begins to lose function. This action causes loss of feeling in your fingers, slower nerve impulses, and a loss of coordination and strength. All these could lead to muscle fiber damage and loss of function in your hand.

Tips to Prevent Carpal Syndrome

  • Take regular breaks or drastically reduce the activity that leads to pain.

  • Wear a splint to prevent the movement of your wrist and to lessen the pressure on the nerves

  • Follow your doctor’s advice and try anti-inflammatory drugs or steroids to reduce swelling.

  • Surgery can also help.

  • Place your wrists in an upright position.

  • Try some hand and wrist exercises

  • Use ergonomically designed pieces of equipment and add-ons to reduce the stress on your wrists and fingers.

How Silesian Case Prevents Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The National Insitute of Occupational Health and Safety states that repetitive movements of the arm affects the biomechanics of the hand and causes damage to the tissues. So arrange your workspace in a way that reduces discomfort. Moreover, you have to position your fingers and wrists correctly while working.

Silesian Case is a Godsend in this regard because it’s perfect for typing. Every aspect of Silesian case design is considered for the human form. The case involves a firm but spongy base to rest your wrists on while typing. You can place your wrist in a neutral position while typing because the case holds the keyboard in a sunken area. The base of the Silesian case doubles as a wrist pad and keeps your hand in a neutral position. All these aspects prevent or significantly reduce the risk of the carpal syndrome.



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