How Silesian Case Prevents Bad Posture and Improves Performance

Bad posture not only harms your health but also affects your confidence. If you work on a tablet or computer for hours every day, it decreases your core strength causing you to slouch. That’s bad news for your neck, back, and shoulders because bad posture causes pain and reduces your work performance.

As you lose your core strength, your slouching gets even worse. Fortunately, this condition is reversible, and it usually starts with using proper ergonomically designed add-ons such as Silesian Case. Follow up with appropriate exercises and correct posture habits.

The relationship between tablet and bad posture

Tablets are lightweight and portable so you can use it in your bed, in front of the television, while walking and even on the train. The flexibility of use results in people spending more time on their tablets. Prolonged sitting and static postures may lead to circulatory and cardiovascular diseases, low back disorder, weight gain, and musculoskeletal disorders. It affects your occupational health resulting in reduced work performance and low job satisfaction.

How Does Ergonomically Designed Tablet Case Improve Performance

A comfortable workstation promotes neutral postures and encourages the user to adopt different poses. This action, in turn, reduces postural fixity -staying in the same place. Proper posture suggests that you keep your feet firmly on the ground while using a tablet and set your monitor height correctly.

Talking about appropriate workstation let me introduce you to Silesian case. It’s an ergonomic tablet stand and briefcase in one. Also, it provides a firm base for you to use your tablet on your lap. The ergonomic stand is so designed that it holds your tablet screen up. So you need not slouch while you work. There is a spongy base to rest your wrists while typing. Not only it gives protection for your tablet but provides enough room for everything you need.

Tips for Tablet Use to Enhance Occupational Health

    • Be aware of your posture and avoid bad posture while working on your tablet.

    • Buy a tablet case such as Silesian that helps to prop your tablet at various angles.

    • Use a separate keyboard if you’re writing for long periods of time.

    • Gently tap on the screen because excessive force strains your wrist, fingers, and forearm.

    • Position your screen at the right angle to windows and away from overhead lighting to avoid glare.

    • Make the font larger if possible to avoid eye strain. Check the resolution, contrast, and brightness of your tablet.

    • Change your posture for every 15 to 30 minutes.

    • Take regular breaks from your tablet.

    • Perform desk exercises to boost up your tired circulation. These exercises will keep you focused, energized and on task.

    • The key to good posture is a strong core, do some yoga or pilates. They focus on flexibility and body control and naturally strengthens your core.

How good posture can improve work performance

Good posture opens up your lungs and enhances breathing. Increased oxygen flow to your brain helps you to work smartly. Moreover, good posture prevents stress buildup and ultimately increases your work efficiency.

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