How Silesian Case Prevents Heartburn and Slowed Digestion

It’s quite surprising isn’t as to how Silesian Case would prevent heartburn and slow digestion? Well, the Harvard researchers say that slouching promotes indigestion and slowed metabolism. These two factors may significantly affect your occupational health and can drastically reduce your performance at work.

How does poor posture cause heartburn

When you’re hunched over and working on your tablet or computer all day, your digestion process gets disturbed. This lousy posture reduces the space for the vital organs in your body. In such a case the stomach acid used for digesting food will be blocked, and it will flow back into your esophagus and will cause a burning sensation in your chest. Slouched posture especially after a meal puts pressure on your abdomen and forces your stomach acid in the wrong direction. Good posture is not only about appearance, but it also plays an important function in reducing the symptoms of Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease and also helps in proper digestion of food.

Simple Tweaks for Gut Friendly Posture

Poor posture has an impact on the optimum functioning of your gut. Your post lunch discomfort and bloating have nothing to do with what you eat but how you sit.

Have regular breaks

It’s not enough that you workout in the gym for some time and then be desk-bound throughout the day. Moving a bit during the day helps in mobility and posture.

Mindful eating

Avoid slouching while you’re eating and keep a small cushion against your lower back. This action helps to maintain a good posture.

Practice better breathing

Slow abdominal breathing helps you to relax and rest and acts as an instant stress reliever. Moreover, it enhances the functioning of your gut. Exercising your diaphragm that’s usually affected by slouching eases your digestive process.

Ergonomic desk

If you’re going to use a tablet for prolonged periods using a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse and a raised screen would be an excellent ergonomic option. Tablet stands positions the tablet screen for optimal viewing. Optimal would be 15 to 20 degrees tilted upwards facing the user and raises the height of the tablet as well. Using a separate keyboard or a mouse helps improve the ergonomics significantly. A separate keyboard will improve the position of the hands. Additionally, it will increase the typing speed for most users.

How Silesian Case helps to reduce Heartburn and slowed digestion

If you’re a freelancer, then you may be using your tablet while you’re on the move. Silesian Case has the lapability factor where you can place the tablet on your lap while you’re working. Moreover, the case has a strong base which acts as a platform to use your tablet.

The stand holds your tablet screen in a comfortable position so you can clearly see without leaning forward. This option helps you to sit up straight without slouching. Correct posture gives the much-needed space for your vital organs and prevents heartburn and slowed digestion. An elevated screen prevents slouching and increases your gut health.



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