How Silesian Case Prevents Tension Neck Syndrome

Tension neck syndrome usually refers to soft tissue injuries or muscle spasms. This syndrome can occur slowly or suddenly and significantly affects your occupational health. For example, if you’re sleeping in an odd position or had strained your muscles while exercising, you could develop neck tension. Hunching over your tablet or computer and grinding your teeth may also cause tension neck syndrome.

This condition includes a variety of disorders that involve shoulder and neck areas, and together they are called cervicobrachial disorder. TNS can drastically affect work performance. Dr. Rachna Pande writes in the The New Times that the muscle groups in the stationary position accumulate a lot of waste products due to the lack of blood circulation which results in chronic muscular fatigue and pain.

Fast repetitive movements of the fingers, writs, hands, and arms cause them to become stressed. Office workers and semi-skilled workers can suffer from this condition which affects their occupational as well as emotional health. People working on a computer or tablet for four hours or more per day are especially prone to this condition. Truth be told women experience TNS more than men.

Top tips to prevent tension neck syndrome

Treatments to prevent this condition include neck exercises, such as seated neck stretches, chin to chest stretch and cheek push stretch. Alternative therapies such as acupuncture is an effective treatment for neck tension and pain. Other possible relief measures include applying heat or ice, getting a massage, practicing meditation, yoga and taking pain relievers.

 Ergonomic workstation

Proper adjustment of your workstation positions your computer at correct eye level. Keep adjusting the height of your table, chair and computer or tablet until you find the precise position. You can also go in for standing desks.

Take breaks in-between

Avoid sitting for long periods of time and try to move around. Also, do some stretches to pump up your blood circulation. Taking breaks not only helps your muscles but is also good for your eyes and mental health.

Proper sleeping position

Using a small, firm pillow will improve your quality of sleep.

Remove weight from your shoulders

Avoid carrying heavy bags on your shoulders and carry rollings bags instead.


Try to get at least half an hour exercise daily to keep your body in top condition.

Positive posture habits

Try to improve your posture by keeping your hips, shoulders, and ears in a straight line. Setting up the alarm to check your posture throughout the day would be a useful practice.

How Silesian Case Prevents Tension Neck Syndrome

Silesian case is designed with great care and ergonomics in mind to serve as a perfect working station for your tablet. And it significantly enhances your occupational health. Lapability is a massive plus for Silesian case because it’s firmly attached to a stable base so you can keep the case on your lap while working.

The stands hold up your tablet screen, so you don’t need to bend forward, and it even allows you to make use of the high-resolution display. The ergonomic design of the case helps to keep your wrist and hand in neutral position while typing.

Try it and see!

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