How Silesian Case Prevents Text Neck Among Students

Smartphones and gadgets have become an integral part of a student’s lifestyle. It is found that an average student spends over nine hours per day on their smartphone, sparing the time spent on laptops and tablets.

While spending long hours on gadgets could be an issue, but the way they hold these gadgets causes more health problems than anything else. Bad postures could lead to sore neck, spine related issues and even bad eyesight. Doctors have coined a special term for such diseases, Text Neck, which is new in the medical language.

Mostly, the students who are tall are often prone to text neck. Also, those who spends more time gaming online, texting, watching movies, or even freelancing have higher chances to suffer from this disease.

How to Get Away with Text Neck?

According to a research, Text Neck has remained a common issue among youth. The young adults in the age group of 18-26 are highly vulnerable to this disease, as they spend more time on their device without any awareness of the posture.
Say No To Sore Neck using Silesian Case

Maintaining a good posture while your work on smartphone is very crucial for a good spine health.

Also, one major thing you can follow to avoid sore neck is, to exercise your upper body. Especially the ones which target your spine, neck and shoulders (also consider exercising your eyes on a daily basis).

Silesian Team has developed a remarkable product for your tablet that could not only help you maintain a healthy posture, but also let you work at your own comfort from anywhere around. It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling or lying on your bed, the Silesian Case is your solution to text neck and related issues.

Your Smartphone could be Pain in your Back

While reading this post, it is most likely that you are bent forward with your back being curved. If you are reading this on a mobile phone, you might be holding your phone way too close than a normal range limit.

If you are exactly sitting the way I have explained above, then you need to work on your posture. The best hack to solve your problem is to have an ergonomic case that can also work like a stand.

Silesian Case are Handy to Use from anywhere around

Students carry heavy load of gadgets and books in their bag. So, they find it inconvenient  to keep their tablets or smartphones in their bags. Silesian case can be the best alternative to carry various gadgets like tablet PC, mobile phones, Bluetooth keyboard, chargers etc.

Be it iPad Pro or Surface Pro, this case is designed such that it can carry wide range of gadgets.

Silesian Case Elevates Screen For Comfort

Also, for students involved in part time jobs or freelance writing, it is found that they work  on their desk, bed or right away from the park. This lightweight case can be handy enough to carry and keep, so that you can work from anywhere around. Also, it elevates the screen and lets you sit straight, when you are using a tablet.

Add Productivity to Your Lifestyle

Make Your Lifestyle Productive with Silesian Case

In this era of digitalization, if people don’t limit themselves from overusing of these gadgets, then they are inviting various diseases to their own system. Failing to utilize right hacks for a productive life could raise difficulties in order to cope up with this changing technology.

So, if you are addicted to using mobile or tablets, you should immediately have a check of how much time do you spend on smartphones, stay aware of bad posture when you sit and exercise regularly to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Also, add productivity to your daily routine by using an ergonomic Silesian case and work with comfort.

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