How to avoid back pain while traveling

Whether you travel for business or leisure, the last thing you want is to suffer from back pain or a sore neck!

My back is always what I most worry about when I travel.

My years of traveling experience helped me gather a few tips to help reduce back pain while traveling.

Pack light: only take what you need

Weight is key to travel pain-free. Either on business or leisure, check what you will really need to use every day and only bring those items. Focus on the “need to have” versus the “nice to have”.

Working material

When I travel for business, I need to check my emails on a better device than a mobile phone. Even a laptop can be heavy so a great compromise is a tablet with a keyboard. Many brands offer this possibility like Google Pixel Slate or Lenovo Miix.

Even when I travel for leisure, as I am a travel blogger, I need to document my trips and a tablet is just perfect for that!



Clothes: the strict minimum

I always check the weather forecast to make sure I have the right type of clothes all along. If I travel for a long period, I check where I will be able to wash my clothes and I only take enough clothes to reach that place.

Pack right: think ergonomics

Ergonomic Case for your tablet

Working on a tablet can be very bad for your posture and provoke back pain. However, great solutions exist to erase that problem.

The Silesian tablet stand helps keep the right posture as it will allow you to elevate your screen at the right height.

You will also be more productive as you will be able to work from about anywhere.



Ergonomic Pillow & Back support

I can’t sleep without an ergonomic pillow! Some hotels offer such pillows. Otherwise, you can buy one that is half of the size of a normal pillow and that is still comfortable. There are also lumbar support cushions especially made for cars. I have one and I actually use it everywhere, even on my sofa! It really helps in keeping the right posture.

Some healthy tips before and while traveling

Don’t wait to be in pain! There are a lot of things you can do before and during your trip like:


Moving reduces lower back pain. Most of the airlines show stretching exercises on their online entertainment.

Even if space is limited, you can still stand up every now and then or even go for a short walk. I also walk as much as I can before my trips, especially on a long haul flight. Don’t sit and wait for onboarding. Use this precious time to walk around the terminal.




Go to your therapist before traveling. While traveling, try the heat therapy. Some brands offer pads that stay warm several hours which is a great way to relieve joint pain.


Prepare your trip

  1. Find the shortest route: The longer you sit, the worst it gets! So it may be worth to pay a little more and get a direct flight or a high-speed train to shorten your journey.
  2. Get the right seats: An aisle seat is the best option to stand up more often.
  3. Ask for assistance: Airports and railway stations usually offer assistance if you have a health condition. Let your travel agent arrange it if you can’t book it online.
  There are several techniques that help you keep the right posture. But in general, remember to always keep your shoulders down and relaxed and your head up! And if you are well equipped with products like the Silesian case, it will not only help you keep a good posture but it will also help you travel light! And that’s key to avoid back pain!

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