How To Avoid Bad Posture When Freelance Writing

If you’ve been into freelance writing, I bet you, too, suffer from a pervading problem: bad posture. Well, it’s not that you are unwilling to sit up straight or are too tired all the time. Perhaps, you just don’t have the proper tools to help you avoid bad posture.

Now turn that willingness on and straighten that back as you pay attention to the following posture-saving tips.

Invest In Ergonomic Gadgets

Sometimes, having bad posture is prompted by the gadgets you use. In my case as a freelance writer, I’m making a living from my laptop. From there, I already see a problem—my posture gets limited by the product I use. I know a laptop is intuitively designed to be placed on the lap. Yes, it’s easy on the hands and arms, but I often get a sore neck as a result.

Try A Tab-and-Bluetooth-Keyboard Combo

While I love working on my heavy-duty laptop, I dream of investing in a Surface Pro or a Google Pixel Slate. The Surface Pro, in particular, has the Windows environment I am most familiar with. Moreover, it’s convertible. I can adjust its modes so I can be in my best posture whether I find myself working in a plane, on my couch, in a café, or on my desk.

Alternatively, you may continue using an ordinary laptop, but you got to be creative about its position or yours.

Get Yourself A Silesian Case

Perhaps, it’s not enough to get a new piece of tech. In fact, you may now be reading this in a tab, and yet, you still suffer from bad posture. Well, a Silesian case might help.

What’s A Silesian Case?

A Silesian case is an innovative briefcase and tablet stand in one. It provides the ergonomics you’ll need for your wrists when typing. It also allows you to adjust your screen’s height, so you don’t have to hunch over your work.
bad posture, freelance writing, ergonomics, Surface Pro, Silesian case

I wish I could get myself a Silesian case along with a new Microsoft Surface Pro.

Switch To Your Other Writing Tasks

As a freelance writer, you’ve got the perks of juggling as many writing tasks as your brain accommodates. Often, you also have the freedom to choose when to work. Now, how does that translate to avoiding bad posture?

Move As Soon As You Notice Yourself Slouching

Well, you often begin to slouch once you've become disinterested in what you’re writing about. When that happens, quickly switch your attention to something more engaging. You’ll find yourself sitting up straight again, almost immediately.

Take A Break Instead

Instead of slouching after you’ve gone tired over a task, take a break. It always helps to stand up for a while and walk. Of course, there has to be another way if you’re in a public place such as a coffee shop. You won’t be comfortable leaving your gadgets vulnerable to prying eyes. So, it does help to become more portable to enable an easy escape.

Carry Less In Public Places

That’s why a Silesian briefcase helps. The lesser you carry around—imagine your whole office packed into one small case—the easier you can take breaks and avoid a slouching back.
bad posture, freelance writing, ergonomics, Surface Pro, Silesian case

Ergonomics and portability: vital innovation for freelance writers with posture issues.

You see, technology has revolutionized work, making it possible for you to work and play at the same time. That could also mean a greater tendency to slouch, but not if you allow innovation to revolutionize an approach to bad posture issues, too.

With an innovative case paired with ergonomic gadgets, freelance writing and bad posture don’t have to remain synonymous.

Crystal L

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