How to Avoid Sore Neck While Working on Your Tablet


Do you suffer from a sore neck and shoulder pain? It may be a result of hours spent glued to your laptop, smartphone and electronic notebook with your head down and neck bent in an unnatural position. Many kids, adolescents, and adults are complaining about a sore neck.

Sore neck or tech neck is due to bad posture. For example sitting without back support, which increases the pain twofold times, sitting with the device on your lap or sitting in a chair with your tablet placed on a flat desk surface.

The symptoms which you may experience include stiffness, sore neck, or aching pain in your upper back, shoulder, arms, hands or head. When you don’t pay attention to your neck pain, suffer in silence and allow it to become a daily part of your life. It will hurt your health. The sore neck may affect your mood and cause depression, lower your self-esteem, ruin relationships, cause fatigue and drastically reduce your performance at work.

Steps to Avoid Sore Neck

Your productivity increases when you’re in pink of health. Here is a lowdown about the best ergonomic practices that’ll boost your occupational health.

  • Get your self an eye test. Natural changes in your vision can occur in your early 40s, so periodic eye examinations prove valuable.

  • Check the image quality on your screen whether it’s sharp, stable and bright enough for comfortable viewing.

  • Avoid screen glare by repositioning your screen, using an antiglare filter to cover your screen and subduing the overhead lights.

  • Keep your screen at a comfortable horizontal level for viewing. The most comfortable viewing distance is usually an arm’s length away from your body.

  • Adjust the height of your screen. See to that your eyes are in line with an imaginary point about two inches below the top of the visible screen image while you’re seated in a comfortable position.

  • Never twist yourself to look at the screen because the sore neck is a result of twisted posture. To avoid bending your neck, place the computer monitor directly in front of you and facing you directly rather than to your right or left side.

Ergonomic Tablet Stand

Dr. William Tobler calls sore neck as laptop posture or Tech neck. And the problem is not short term because people will be sitting at their computer for their entire career he says to Mayfield Brain & Spine. He stresses the importance of ergonomics which matches equipment in the workplace to the needs of the worker.

Fortunately, you have an ergonomic tablet stand such as Silesian which is a slim briefcase that transforms into a mobile workspace. Additionally, it provides a surface for typing anywhere including an elevated stand that holds your tablet at a comfortable viewing height.

Not only is the briefcase stylish it turns into an ergonomic desk for your laptop, elevates your screen and improves your posture, perfect for typing, provides superb protection for your tablet and gives enough room for all your accessories.

By providing an ergonomically suitable answer to your sore neck you can enjoy reduced low back pain, less tension in your shoulders and neck, increased circulation and self-confidence and ultimately improved work performance.

Swarnambal John

I am Swarnambal John, a health and wellness blogger and a writer.