How to make sitting less hazardous for your health.

Sitting sounds like an innocuous thing to do. For most people with office jobs, it is the most common position to get the job done. As the world advances the number of tasks that require individuals to stick on their desk and chair is increasing and the number of digital nomads is on the rise more than the previous years. The longer we sit, the more we are likely to jeopardize our health?

How does sitting affect your health?

sitting posture 13 different studies by Harvard Medical School proved that people that sit long hours are most likely to suffer deaths similar to those with obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and smoking illnesses. A great price to pay for sitting long hours! The reason sitting long hours affects one’s health has everything to do with the bodies low activity rate. Your metabolism slows down, which affects your blood pressure, blood sugar and even increases the risk of getting cancer! It’s not just about sitting long hours; it’s largely about the sitting posture. We all do it when we are working as we get tired we slouch, and this causes our muscles to work harder. This muscle fatigue is detrimental to our health.

Simple solutions for making the sitting process easier!

So what is the solution for many of us who have to put in over six hours at the office or write many articles in one day? It is opined to take breaks in between working hours. Get up after every hour of prolonged sitting and take a walk around your office. If you have an outside garden at your office have intervals where you move around and breathe fresh air, this can have a huge therapeutic effect too. Have lunch out of the office as often as you can and when you run office errands, resist driving around to get them done. Certain exercises can also assist one in improving a sitting posture to avoid backaches. These exercises include planks, sit-ups, and simple stretching.

Better sitting posture while typing!

Sitting position One way to improve sitting posture is investing in equipment that can help with positioning your writing equipment in a more comfortable position for your back. Take, for example, the Silesian Case, a sitting posture solution designed to make sitting as less hazardous as possible. Just improvement in posture can go a long way in making your long office hours healthier. Not only is it perfect for office use, but if you are like many millennials that love to work and travel, you can still do your work effectively without struggling to position your equipment conveniently for your spine. sitting posture Not only does avoiding sitting for a long time have benefits for your health. It’s more fun to move around the block getting your tasks done, you meet new people; you see interesting things and it gives a refreshing energy boost. To top it all off, Silesian case is here to improve your sitting posture to reduce stress on your spine and to improve the angle of your iPad Pro for more effective sight. Say goodbye to sore necks, back pains, bad posture and say hello to a healthy spine and a happier working experience. Try it now, thank the Silesian case later!

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