How to Stay Healthy while on your Laptop or Tablet

Ailments like the Hunched Over Laptop Syndrome, more commonly known as HOLS, are no longer restricted to office workers.  Back in the 90s, a hype grew around having everything ergonomic in office spaces – every company invested in ergonomic chairs, desks, footrests, you name it.

With technology making work and info accessible from anywhere – mobiles, tablets, laptops – our daily use of our mobile computers has been prolonged significantly, but we seem to have forgotten the importance of good posture and habits to avoid long-term issues with our health.

Nowadays, college students spend hours on end working on their research and assignments.  Teachers themselves are completing most of their prep work for lessons on their laptops.  And not just that, most of our younger kids spend at least a couple of hours a day on our laptops, or their own tablets playing games or viewing videos.

Here are 5 points to keep in mind when using your laptop or tablet for longer than 1 hour:

Stay grounded

Make sure you sit with both feet flat on the floor.  This will naturally push your shoulders back and give your spine its natural curve, resulting in a healthy sitting position.  Check back with yourself every few minutes, bad habits die hard.

Keep your Head High

Yes, it’s called a laptop, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be in your lap for hours on end.  If you often feel stiff it might mean that you are building up habits that will lead to long-term posture issues.

Placing your screen up at eye-level, avoids you slouching over which increases chances of neck and back pain.

Bounce ’em off

The wrists might seem like an after-thought but these joints also suffer from prolonged bad habits.

Place your keyboard and mouse at a height in which your arms lie at 90 degrees from your torso.  Two more tips:

  1. Type lightly and gently

  2. Use an external mouse instead of the touchpad and use your whole arm to move it, not just your wrist.

Take a break

Move around.  It is recommendable that we stand every 30 minutes to promote blood circulation and avoid joint stiffness.  Give yourself a break.  Get up and make coffee, tea, hot chocolate even.  Fine, be healthy – have water.  Go to the bathroom.  Just walk up to the window and stare at something across the street if you like.  Do whatever you want, as long as you move around.

Invest in an ergonomic Mobile Space

The Silesian Case has been specifically designed to make every mobile space out there ergonomic for you, whether you’re a digital nomad, a college student or a gamer.

What looks like a sleek, stylish briefcase at first, opens up into a perfectly ergonomic workspace in a matter of seconds.  It holds up your screen and places your keyboard at the right height even if you place your laptop or tablet in your lap.  This elevation will automatically improve your posture, making it safer and healthier to stay working, researching or playing for longer stretches of time.

Works with: Microsoft Surface Pro, Lenovo Miix, Google Pixel Slate, Asus Transformer Pro, Samsung Galaxy Pad, Apple iPad Pro

Denise Cassar

Born bang in the centre of the Mediterranean, on a little island called Malta, then grown into an insatiable wanderer of the world.