How to survive blogging without a laptop?

Blogging without a laptop can be quite a shock to many, but I’ve been doing it since 2011. At that time, blogging wasn’t a big thing yet as compared to what it has become now. As a freshman college student, I never knew I could in a way earn from it, as for others, make a living out of it.

Despite my inconsistencies in blogging, my passion for writing made me keep coming back to it regardless of my lack of resources.

Blogging without a laptop is one of the most difficult challenges I face not only as a blogger but also as a freelancer. It might not work for some, but I believe that if there’s a will, there’s a way. So there’s no reason why you cannot do it. You just have to accept your circumstance and start working. These are all based on my experience and what worked for me throughout the years.

1. Use tablet to write down a blog post draft.

Back in the days when I still don’t have a tablet, I would write down everything in my notebook. I sometimes use my phone too, whichever is available. Writing isn’t expensive as long as you are resourceful.

Whenever my creative juices start flowing, I make the most out of it! It’s not every hour that you get so inspired to write, so you better start writing them down. As bloggers, we have different means of inspiration too. Some get inspired by nature, so they write at the beach or in the garden. While others are inspired by meeting new people, so they look for a coffee shop where they can work and hang out to at the same time.


Using my tablet to blog causes me to lean down which affects my posture and sight. It is very inconvenient which is why I’m glad that an ergonomic tablet stand and briefcase in one has been made possible by Silesian. This briefcase is slim and chic which you can easily carry around with you. Apart from your tablet, it has enough room for your on the go working space. It allows you to keep your chargers, Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, earphones, or even some documents in one bag. If you’re unlike me who’s likely to bring a lot, then this could be your bag.


Moreover, this is very convenient when blogging outdoors which you can use on your lap while providing a stable base. It can also elevate your screen and won’t give your back and sight a hard time anymore.


2. Use a grammar app to write a blog post.

As the Filipino language being my mother tongue, it gives me the confidence to post content in English without being unsure of my grammar. It just makes life easier!

3. Edit blog photos.

Aside from using my tablet as my work gear, my phone is where all the editing happens.

4. Email blog post draft.

It also includes my edited photos which save me a lot of time. For me, blogging is somewhat like cooking. You have to prepare the necessary ingredients beforehand which allows you to cook more efficiently.

5. Borrow a laptop to publish a blog post.

When I was doing an internship abroad, I remember how I used to borrow my roommate’s laptop to publish my blog post or to pass our requirements for school. As for today, my brother and I take turns in using our desktop computer at home. That’s why it’s always better to write a draft and edit photos beforehand, this way it won’t take you too long to use someone else’s computer.

There are a lot of ways you can blog even with a laptop. You can also go to a computer shop or the library when you don’t feel comfortable borrowing someone else’s computer. Also, nowadays, there are some blogging sites which allow you to blog even on mobile devices. Utilize everything you have and don’t let your lack of resources stop you from doing what you love, and in my case, writing. So, keep blogging!


Blogger / Freelancer (Virtual Assistant & Writer) from the Philippines. Loves fashion, beauty, travel, writing, and photography. Connect with me on Instagram @airishabella.