Investing in health to improve productivity as a freelance writer

As a freelance writer, making sure I am fit and well has become a top priority. This is because if I am ill or have neck pain, my productivity is greatly reduced. And, simply put, if I can’t write, I can’t earn. So, to protect my business and my income, I need to protect my health.

Bad habits foster poor productivity

When I first started out, I had no idea how greatly my bad habits were affecting my productivity. I didn’t exercise, and I had no routine. I slept badly and suffered from neck pain. I woke up every day feeling sluggish and uninspired. It would take me several hours before I was able to get into the flow and produce decent copy. After missing an important deadline, I realised I had to change how I managed my lifestyle as a freelance writer to improve my productivity.

Flat necks result in neck pain

The first thing I did was go to see a chiropractor about my neck pain. It was keeping me awake at night. I also found that after using my tablet for 20 or so minutes I would have to get up and move because I was in too much pain to stay sitting. All of this affected my productivity. I had an x-ray done and was diagnosed with a flat neck and rounded shoulders. And this flat neck was all my own fault from sitting with poor posture while using screens.

Without an ergonomic stand, mobile workspaces can create poor posture leading to neck pain and reduced productivity.

An ergonomic workspace to avoid neck pain

To fix the problem I needed to redesign my workspace. A simple solution was to invest in an ergonomic stand that would raise up my screen and correct my posture. After a little research, I chose the Silesian tablet case and it works perfectly. No matter where I am, I can set up my mobile workspace and use my tablet with a straight spine. No more neck pain, no more sleepless nights. I also find it’s much easier to sit and type for extended periods. I can now get a lot more done in a lot less time.

This is how Silesian tablet cases create ergonomic mobile workspaces.

Yoga to avoid neck pain

To correct my flat neck and rounded shoulders, I also started doing yoga. This has made a huge difference. I have become more connected with my body and better understand how to fix it when I start to feel pain. Now I sleep better as well. I also learnt a few simple exercises to loosen up my neck, strengthen my spine and pull back my shoulders.

The importance of a routine for productivity

By starting yoga, I have also established a routine. I schedule lessons for 8 am so I must get up rather than lazing in bed till midday. I must also get to bed on time to be able to wake up and be ready to exercise. This has seriously improved my productivity. Now I come to my desk feeling energised with a clear head, ready to write great copy, stick to deadlines and keep my clients happy.

Protecting health as a freelance writer

I cannot overstress the importance of protecting my health as a freelance writer. I now understand the value of investing in my health. The money I spent on seeing a chiropractor, taking yoga classes and purchasing the Silesian tablet case for an ergonomic workspace has been well worth it. My productivity has greatly improved, and my business is thriving.

Feeling happy, healthy and productive with correct posture anywhere I work.

Jamie Bennett

Globetrotter and unusual destination seeker. Jamie has been around the world twice and back. She revels in unusual, off-the-beaten-track experiences and specialises in solo-travel. She is also a freelance English tutor who is passionate about language and engaging students of all levels and ages.