It's Tablet Time: Explore The New Generation of Tablets

Computers and laptops have a great impact on our lives and the functions they perform cannot be underestimated. In the simplest term, as students or employees, we do our easiest and essential jobs through these devices to get our lives going. It’s a well-known fact that practicality and speed of computers and laptops are being developed day by day as technology moves forward, so the functions that these devices offer us seem unlimited and are preferred by the majority of people today. However, there is a fallacy of tablets being underestimated by people as they consider them lacking some certain functions and think of them as a game-playing device for kids. Therefore, they rather prefer computers or laptops than tablets as they claim these devices to be capable of more work.

Today, tablets are created perfectly as they are designed concerning practicality, portability, and functionality at the same time. With new and well-developed features, tablets are highly capable of replacing your desktop or laptop. When you find your ideal tablet, the only thing left to look for is a platform to make the best use of your tablet in terms of ergonomics and efficient work. Silesian Case as a slim briefcase which can transform into a mobile workspace is the one to choose when you get your tablet: It gives your tablet a more flexible use as it can turn into a platform that works perfectly with almost any tablet! Let’s have a closer look at some tablets that can fully function for you:

Microsoft Surface Pro

These tablets resemble almost a laptop except their sectional screen and keyboard. You simply have a tablet when you want it and a full computer when you want it! They weigh only 1.73 pounds and are super easy to carry. They have a very high performance with Windows 10 computing system and OneNote ecosystem. Plus, they offer an incredible screen quality. Its built kickstand is a great advantage since it will have no problem with fitting in your Silesian Case. You basically have anything you can look for in a device: High performance, great functions, and ergonomic using experience!

Lenovo Miix

These tablets also have hinged kickstands, so it will be very easy to use them with your briefcase. Lenovo Miix tablets are basically tablet computers, have 256 gigs of storage with a long-lasting battery.  These tablets give you a very smooth trackpad that is glass and nice sized. They do a great job in terms of the machining of the device. Besides, Lenovo Miix tablets are more economic, so they are definitely worth getting one.

In our super-busy daily lives, there is nothing more necessary than an ergonomic, portable and practical device. Then, a quality tablet with Silesian Case is an incredible opportunity anyone should utilize. Silesian Case works with any tablet with a kickstand and easily becomes an ergonomic platform that you can set in any place at any time! It is easy to assemble, suitable to carry all your gear and is perfectly stable on your lap!

Hilal Sekmen

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