Laptop vs Tablet: Which one is right for you?

We started by making the enormous computers smaller and smaller, to the point where every household had one. Then we made things a bit more convenient, by inventing portable computers, the laptops. Afterwards, we really took it up a notch by reducing the size and building a computer that can be with you 24/7, the smart phone. However, even though smartphones are amazing and capable of great things, it’s almost impossible to be productive when using them. That’s how tablets came to be.

Laptops remain powerful.

There are thousands of things that you can only do on laptops (and computers, but let’s leave them aside for now). Laptops are still the number one choice if you’re using heavy programs like Photoshop or after effects. Also, they have a major advantage they’re upgradable, something that’s harder to do on a tablet. But as amazing as they are, there’s still a disadvantage to them. Portability. Sure, laptops are very portable however, they’re too heavy and big to carry around without it being a problem. Let’s say you leave the house in the morning with your laptop to work and have plans in the afternoon. You know that your back is going to suffer because of the weight. Something that wouldn’t happen with a tablet.

Potential of a laptop, portability of a smart phone.

Tablets are a great tool for productivity. It’s handy to be able to work on something on the go and not having to turn it on and off, worrying that you might lose what you’ve been working on. Another great plus is the battery. Even an average tablet has longer battery life than most laptops, so you don’t have to carry around your charger and worry about finding a power outlet in the middle of nowhere not to mention that the size of the charger is much smaller.

Tablet, yay or nay?

Of course, it depends on what you do. If you edit videos and photos, it definitely isn’t for you. However, if you’re just casually surfing the internet or watch movies, it definitely is. Many people have said that it’s impossible to use a tablet to write because there’s no keyboard. Little did they know that the Silesian case exists! 

The Silesian case.

To explain it shortly, the Silesian case turns your tablet into a laptop, shape-wise. It can be a case, it can be a bag and it can be a base & keyboard for your tablet. Basically, it lets you maintain the freedom that the tablet gives you while making the whole experience more comfortable. With this case, it’s easy to write (which means that to be a freelance writer you don’t have to carry your laptop everywhere anymore) and surprisingly, it makes even coding on a tablet possible!   

Finally, who should opt for a tablet?

People who want the freedom to work anywhere. People who need portability and comfort. People who are tired to go home only to leave their laptop and go out again. As long as you don’t have ridiculously high demands, the tablet is for you. Especially paired with the Silesian case, any place can become your workspace!

Styliani Ioanna Tzertzeveli

Though I’m 19, I’m planning to stay 18 for the rest of my life. I believe in bringing out the best side of people and learning everything I can through them. Life is an endless learning experience and I’m here for it! I’m just a youth who believes in trying as many things as possible in life, as life is too short and you never know what tomorrow will bring. With that said, I decided to live a no-free life. That’s why at the moment, I’m volunteering in Croatia, for a whole year! Crazy right? My dream is to walk from Greece to Japan. It’s gonna take me many years but I can’t wait to experience half the world’s cultures!