Learning Support for Students

As teachers, we always hear the need to include technology-based learning in our classrooms.  When using tablets with 25 young children, it can be very stressful to manage the class while keeping the electronics intact.

View your student’s screens easily

These students are well adapted to using their own tablets at home to understand how to navigate through it.  It is extremely difficult to know if they have the right app opened and are working on the right program when their screens are lying flat on the table.  They are able to switch apps quick enough so that when you walk around to monitor them, they will switch back to the appropriate screen when you are near.  With the Silesian Case, students can prop their screens straight up like a computer screen so you can monitor what they’re doing even when you are on the opposite side of the classroom helping another student.


Gives more Support to Tablet

How many times have your young students dropped things from the table?  Tablets are no different.  With a secure and supportive case like the Silesian Case, it will help your little ones see the tablet on the table when they get side-tracked so they do not end up knocking it down with a swipe of their sleeves.

Focused Learning

When the tablet is high up and secured right in front of a child, it will help them focus more on the material they are learning through the tablet.  They will not look down and get side-tracked by things on the table when they are supposed to be learning.  With the extra space for the keyboard at the bottom, students can treat the tablet like a real computer by typing and looking up at the screen.  If you want your students to type notes from a blackboard,  it will be easier for them to look at the board and at the screen simultaneously since they are at the same eye level.

Carrying it from School to Home

The Silesian Case is really useful when students want to sign out their school tablets and bring it home.  Since students often carry a backpack full of books and notebooks already from other classes, it is better for them to carry the tablet outside around their shoulders if they don’t have room in their bags.  With this case, they can put the tablet and the keyboard inside, before securing the electronics with a zipper.  The size of the carrier is not bulky at all yet is very protective.  If it rains or snows, it’ll keep everything inside dry.  If the student drops it, the materials that this case is made from will absorb the shock, leaving the tablet unharmed.


One of the most important things for students is that they look good while they are at school.  This case has adjustable straps with different lengths to suit their carrying style.  Its modern sleek design will not embarrass anyone carrying it.










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