Living as a digital nomad and going beyond the problems.

Digital nomadism is not a new concept anymore. A lot of us who desire to travel, work remotely without having to sit in offices for long hours.

Though not having to work from 9 to 5 is a treat, digital nomadism has its own pros and cons. Here are three major problems I had faced as a digital nomad and what did I do to overcome the problems.

1. Resisting the temptation to go out.

It happens a lot of times. you are at the best beach or in the middle of the mountains; you don’t want to miss the sunset or the most amazing party in the town but when working as a nomad you have commitments towards work and you have to deliver the work in time. No matter how tempting everything is. To not let this happen I try to finish my work before I reach the place, then instead of taking a nap in the bus I work, instead of waiting for my lunch to arrive, I work. So, I don’t miss out on anything.

2. Managing my luggage

Living in a backpack is difficult, especially when you have to work along the way. I work as a digital nomad and one of the major problems I have been facing is managing my luggage. I cannot have over two bags even if it is a long trip because if I have to walk for a long distance with my luggage and it becomes difficult to have over two bags. But I always end up taking three bags. One big backpack, a laptop bag, a bag to keep the stuff I require handy during bus travels or in trains or flights. My laptop bag doesn’t have space for anything but a laptop and a charger, so for everything else I have to carry a third backpack. This wasn’t workable at all, so I looked for alternatives and found a perfect bag for me, the Silesian cases came to my rescue, it not only has special material to protect gadgets in case of an accidental drop but it also has enough space for everything else I need to carry. I can use only one bag for my tablet, charger, wallet, earphones, and mobile. This case has the added benefit as it comes with a stand which is a must. As a digital nomad, you have to work anywhere and you cannot always find a chair and a desk, so this stands makes the work so comfortable even at the oddest and uncomfortable locations.

3. taking care of your expenses

One thing I learned is that the income is not going to be stable. also, I need to channelize and prioritize my expenses. I cannot shop every time I visit a new place, shouldn’t collect souvenirs, that is not only a waste of money but also takes up space. Buy things you really need and don’t go on buying the things you want, this will save a lot of money.

Rucha Bhide

A learner, communicator and a leader. Abstract minded. Logical. Traveller. storyteller. and now officially a writer. My mind has always been curious about what is happening around me and inside me. exploration is my way of finding answers. The wanderlust gene doesn’t allow me to stay in one place for too long. I’m solivagant.