Minimalist Tips for the Digital Nomad

When you’re living the nomadic lifestyle, you keep everything that you need in your backpack and each item you carry with you is taking up weight in that suitcase you’re trying to keep small enough to carry on to your next flight.


Digital nomads are the ultimate minimalists.


You’ve made the decision to live life on the road, made seeing the world a priority. You’re living outside of the box and out of your suitcase. Every possession is researched, selected, and optimized to be a useful addition to your life. These tips will help you travel like a minimalist and facilitate your digital nomad lifestyle.

Bring the bare necessities

Living nomadically means that you have to decide what is and is not important to you. You’ll learn what you can live without – and what you can’t. Because you’re working remotely, the most important things will be those that facilitate your work. These are things like your tablet, your external hard drive, your camera. Figure out what you can’t live without and pack as lightly as you can around those.


Keep an eye on the weight

Once you know what your necessities are, weigh them. Most flights don’t allow more than eight kilograms for carry-on luggage, so you’ll need to make sure that the weight of everything you need is under that amount. This means bringing only a few clothes that you can mix and match. It also means trying to find the most lightweight versions of what you’re bringing. When everything you own clocks in at less than ten kilograms, you’re already living the sort of minimalist lifestyle most people can’t imagine.

Ditch the laptop

Tablets are smaller and more lightweight than laptops and offer up nearly all of the same usability. Because of their smaller size, your tablet will always have a longer battery life and recharge quicker than its larger counterpart. Pick up a Bluetooth keyboard so you can type quickly and a mouse if you’re doing design work, and hit the road.


How often do you use it?

Sometimes a sale is too good to pass up and you end up adding an unexpected new addition to your pack. That’s okay. But if you’re traveling long term and want to make sure you aren’t carrying around unnecessary items, it’s important to keep an eye on what you’re using and what you aren’t. My personal rule is to get rid of anything I go two weeks without using.

Choose Multifaceted Tools

When packing for a short trip or hitting the road long term to live the digital nomad lifestyle, you want to make sure that the objects you choose to bring are useful in as many ways as possible. The Silesian Case is a great example of objects that serve many purposes. It is stylish enough to bring to a business meeting and hardy enough to keep your tablet safe on the road. Plus, it unfolds into a travel desk for your tablet that lets you work in a more ergonomic way and keeps you free of slouchy back pain.


Cherish Broker

Cherish grew up in the Pacific Northwest playing in the mountains. Now she spends her time wandering around museums, ancient ruins, and new mountains all over the world. She’s a former Peace Corps Volunteer in Georgia (the country, not the state) and an enthusiastic storyteller.